12 Nova Launcher Themes Pack for Android

On the first day, God said: “Let there be light…and Nova Launcher!” Everything you see when you turn on the phone, every widget, icon, background color or wallpaper, can be customized and improve using the best icon packs and Nova Launcher Themes have to offer.

Nowadays, your phone’s look and feel is the priority since we spend plenty of our time glancing our eyes at the screen. So why not customize in order to match your personality and mood, and make it as beautiful, as funny or as exciting as you wish?

This launcher has an inbuilt capacity for design and develops customizable a wide variety of themes with many available features. All you need is to take a look at Nova Launcher themes, select the best icon pack to suit your needs, a gorgeous wallpaper, some nice widgets and you are more than ready to go.

One of the most customizable and advanced in the market, Nova Launcher appeared more than half a decade ago and still stands as the greatest launcher, either free or paid, for many reasons.

It makes managing your icon pack an easy task, offers custom widgets that enhance your experiences and provides the very best launcher themes.

Now, let’s take a look at 12 awesome Nova Launcher themes and the best icon packs out there to improve your Android’s feel.

Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs

theme and icon pack

1- Honeycomb Nova Launcher Theme

The Honeycomb layout, if properly employed and joined with the best icon packs, provides an exclusive and superior look to your Android smartphone.

Although to be sincere, it does require at least some customization and experimental efforts to get well acquainted, all the attempts will be worth when you visualize the final product, which is no less than spectacular.

The Honeycomb is one of the most delightful and pleasant Nova Launcher themes out there.

For the best look and use, this theme uses the Honeycomb wallpaper from Wallrox merged with the Polycon Icon pack.

Polycon - Icon Pack
Polycon - Icon Pack
Developer: Piksely
Price: Free

2- Blue Wall Nova Launcher Theme

To love blue is not the same as to love being blue. Blue is an awesome color and we know it. It’s a hypnotic color. If you too are in love with it, this theme is your perfect fit. A rough wall pattern with a mesmerizing blue color makes for a stunning home screen.

You’d just need to find the best icon pack to match it. Lucky for you, we already did. To get this look proceed with these steps:

Download Wallrox in the Google Play Store, then go to “All in one: Blue Wall”, and get the incredible Moonshine Icon Pack to combine it with.

Wallrox Wallpapers
Wallrox Wallpapers
Developer: Double A Studio
Price: Free

3- Earthview Theme

This Nova Launcher theme will make your Android smartphone look like either it belongs to the future or you are currently at the International Space Station.

A premium and spectacular design. The Earthview theme presents satellite pictures of Earth that converge with beautiful icons. Using your phone turns into a movie-like experience on the palm of your hands.

To get this look follow you have to get the Earth view 18 by Martin wallpaper from Wallrox and combine it with the notorious Polycon Icon Pack. You’ll love it!

Developer: S E T U P Z X 1
Price: €0.59

4- Android Nougat Theme

This one is ideal for all those of you who haven’t catch the feel of nougat yet and are just dying to know.

Even if you are not getting the Nougat version on your phone (duh!), with the Nova Launcher theme you’ll get to experience the looks and feel of it, with great outcomes. There is no need to install a new launcher. Go ahead and enjoy it!

In order to get this theme, you should use the Nougat wallpaper, specifically the Android Nougat N2, found in Wallrox. Then look for the Moonshine Icon Pack, merged them and enjoy!

Moonshine - Icon Pack
Moonshine - Icon Pack
Developer: Nate Wren Design
Price: Free

5- Lines Nova Launcher Theme

If you are searching for something not only for clean and straightforward but also stylish, elegant and well designed, we can’t recommend this one enough.

The Lines Theme lets you play with more than one color and beautifully patterned lines that give your home screen a slick look and feel.

To presume your style, you don’t always need to have colorful themes. Sometimes lines are cooler than colors, and this might be one of those cases.

For this Nova Launcher Theme, you’d need to use the Lines 17-All in One Wallpaper by Wallrox, and either Voxel or Pixel, both which work as the best icon packs for the theme.

6- Black and White Theme

Sometimes old is the new cool. This theme is for all of you out there who love a serious and retro look, with icons that pop out of the background. This design combines the colors black and grey and the outcome is not only beautiful but also timeless. The Black and White theme will never feel out of fashion.

This theme looks great with the big sized icons, but for that, you’d have to pay the premium version of Nova Launcher.

If you want you incorporate the Black and White Nova Launcher Theme, do the following:

Get the BW 32: Black and White wallpaper from, you guessed it, Wallrox, and join its forces with the Flight Light Icon Pack for a remarkable UI experience.

7- Dark Theme

Not everyone loves bright colors. I mean, just take a look at Batman. That’s why the Dark Nova launcher theme was invented, for people like Mr. Wayne and you, if you are not that into colorful lines and backgrounds.

Thanks to the Nova night mode, the perks of the Dark Theme come in the app drawer and pages as well as on the home screen. To properly enjoy it, we recommend you to install some widgets, such as Minimal UCCW widget and Shuttle (transparent); the Min Icon Pack, one of the best minimalistic icon packs; and the BW30 wallpaper by Wallrox.

Minimalist - Icon Pack
Minimalist - Icon Pack
Developer: JustNewDesigns
Price: €1.29

8- Vibrant Color Nova Launcher Theme

This colorful theme is artistic, eye-catching and looks like a half-made Picasso. If you love electrifying, vibrant colors, then you should totally give it a try and customize your Android device with this theme.

The Vibrant Color theme provides energy-packed visuals that will be considered as stunning by almost everyone who catches a look at your phone.

If you want to enjoy this Nova Launcher theme, download Wallrox Wallpapers and take a look at “Low Poly”. Then, as in the Lines theme, Pixel and Voxel are the best icon packs for this one.

9- Superhero Nova Launcher Theme

 This one and the next are special, tailored-made for the comic book fans. If you are a proud geek, either one of these will suit you just fine.

Na, na, na, na! Na, na, na, na! Let’s start with Batman since we already mentioned him before in this article. Apply the best suitable icon pack to the Bat’s wallpaper and you’ll get a great “comic” look on your home screen.  Follow these steps to get the desired, super outcome looks for the “Batman 3: Superheroes” wallpaper in Wallrox and unite it with the awesome Min Icon Pack.

Min - Icon Pack
Min - Icon Pack
Developer: SixtyFour ThirtyTwo
Price: Free+

10- Iron Man Theme

And now it’s Iron Man’s turn. This one is for all of those who love one of the most prominent Marvel heroes, a fan favorite to many. This astonishing Nova Launcher theme feels like the one a superhero would have (or has). Here is the way to get it:

Download the Iron Man melting art wallpaper; get yourself the Golden Icon Pack, where, you’ve guessed it again, every icon is gold, and add some cool features with widgets like the Zooper widget and Shuttle.

Golden : Icon Pack
Golden : Icon Pack
Developer: ARROW
Price: €0.59

11- Metallic Nova Launcher Theme

 This one is a more formal and elegant theme, which also gives the sensation of having a metallic texture in it. The Metallic Nova Launcher Theme has one of the best metallic color combinations out there and provides the great style for your smartphone.

 It feels advanced and innovative. Give it a try if you’ll like your phone to always look brand new and stylish.

At this point you should already know this: you should totally download Wallrox Wallpapers, regardless of the Nova Launcher theme of your choosing. Then go ahead and check the “Matexial 2” wallpaper and consolidate the look with the Moonshine Icon Pack.

Moonrise Icon Pack
Moonrise Icon Pack
Developer: MSite Studio
Price: Free

12- Crystal Nova Launcher Theme

If you are looking for a crystallized look for your Android device, you’ll probably love the Crystal Nova theme. As the Metallic theme, it is attractive and elegant, but artistic as well.

To get the Crystal Nova theme, download the “Crystal 7” wallpaper in Wallrox and merge it with the fun and beautiful Rondo Icon Pack, which gives a round shape to all your icons.

To sum up Nova Launcher Themes

 With hundreds of combinations and customization options, Nova Launcher themes work hand-in-hand with the best icon packs to enhance your Android experience and fill your phone with exciting looks and feel.

Nova Launcher themes permit you to match your phone’s layout with your personal style and mood. It’s impossible to change our phones every single day, albeit, with great customization options, we can at least alter the looks to some that are more appealing, funnier or impressive to us.

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