Steps to Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone or Tablet

Congratulations on deciding to recycle your old mobile phone or tablet. This will result not only will you make some money, but you will also be doing something great for the environment. You may be wondering where to start? Who is willing to pay for a used phone or mobile? There are companies that specialize in acquiring used devices and will buy them in whatever condition they are in.

Steps to Sell Your Old Device

The first step is to find a reputable company that buys used devices. One such company is SwiftTechBuy. Make sure that they serve your area and that they don’t have any complaints against them.

Next, find their website and see if they accept the kind of device that you are trying to get rid of. Most companies will accept only some models as there are already recycling protocols in place for them. If you have a more obscure model you may have a harder time getting rid of it.

If they accept your kind of phone you will be required to provide them with your information. So that, they can know where to send your money. They will also ask you to report the condition of your device so that they can give you a quote. If you are happy with their offer all that is left is to package your phone properly and ship it off to them. As soon as they receive your phone they will either deposit money in your account or send you a check.

Can you trust these companies to give you fair compensation for a used or broken mobile phone or tablet? The fact is, how much money you will get will depend entirely on the condition of your phone. If it is broken you will get less for it than if you are only looking to trade it in because you have a newer version.

Easy Tips to Buy a Phone Online

Following are some tips in the infographic that will assist you in buying a phone online:

buying a phone online

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