How Chinese Batteries Can Make You Explode

You have probably heard stories about exploding smartphone batteries and never believed them. Guess what? You were wrong all along. What if we told you that counterfeit batteries for Samsung Galaxy S5 and other smartphones can not only turn your device into a brick but also catch on fire or even explode right in your pocket?

Modern lithium-ion batteries, which are used in 99% of today’s products from smartphones and tablets to electric vehicles and aircraft, have the capacity to be highly explosive. That is why you have to be very careful with off-brand spare parts. If you do not want to lose hundreds of dollars on a new cell phone (or on your own treatment), read this article before buying a replacement battery.

What makes smartphone batteries dangerous?

The mechanism behind rechargeable Li-ion batteries is the reason why it can catch on fire or even blow up. Lithium has amazing capabilities of storing energy. A good smartphone battery made by official manufacturers releases power evenly and stable. However, when power is released all in one go, the battery can explode. This is what happens to cheap off-brand spare parts.

The vast majority of lithium-ion battery explosions and fires happen due to short-circuiting. The plastic separator we were talking about fails and lets the anode and cathode touch each other. As soon as it happens, the battery starts to overheat. This, in turn, leads to fires. However, why the battery separator might fail? Let us find out!

Why off-brand Chinese smartphone batteries may harm you?

Obviously, the main reason why off-brand batteries are so dangerous is their bad design. They are made from cheap materials and do not have protective chips. Poorly designed batteries do not have enough space for the electrodes and separator within the battery. This problem is especially common among extended batteries.

As for protective chips, they are used to avert overheats and short-circuiting. Genuine Samsung batteries for Galaxy S5 have thermal protection required to properly charge it and sometimes low charge cutout device, which increases the overall battery life. However, Chinese knockoffs usually do not have those chips because manufacturers want to make them as cheap as it is possible. By buying a 5-dollar battery replacement at Amazon, you risk turning your smartphone into a useless brick.

Battery chargers are also important

Another important detail that also affects the battery life is the charger. As you might have guessed, original Samsung charger is the best option if you want to keep your smartphone’s battery healthy. Poorly manufactured Chinese chargers can damage even a new OEM battery. If such a charger generates too much heat near the battery or causes short-circuiting, the battery will be immediately destroyed along with the smartphone itself. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use only official Galaxy S5 chargers.

If you have lost the original charger for your Galaxy S5 and there are no genuine replacements, look for an alternative at Amazon marketplace. Choose a seller with a good reputation and carefully read the product’s description. If its specifications match the original Samsung charger, then you can use it without any worries.

Why can’t I simply buy an original Galaxy S5 battery then?

Shortage of genuine Samsung batteries will not allow you to do that. Unfortunately, the company has stopped manufacturing replacement batteries for Galaxy S5. You cannot buy it in an official store anymore. Check it up yourself. As you can see, Samsung offers genuine spare parts only for newer devices.

Of course, you might get lucky and find an OEM Galaxy S5 battery at the Amazon marketplace. Most of the time, though, you will find only counterfeit products without warranty. You should thoroughly read customer reviews before ordering if you do not want to get a malfunctioning piece of junk.

Does it mean that all off-brand batteries for Galaxy S5 are bad?

Not at all! Most of the spare parts from third parties suck, but some companies offer great products that are nearly as good as genuine Samsung batteries. However, it is really hard to find decent options. You can try doing that on your own, but there is a huge chance that you will buy a low-quality counterfeit that will die after a month of use. Why waste money on nothing? Instead, we recommend you to get help from professionals.

Save your time and spare your nerves! Read this article about Galaxy S5 replacement batteries before making the purchase. This is the easiest way to buy a reliable product with a good price/quality ratio. On that page, you will find a myriad of useful tips and tricks about Samsung spare parts. It also features the list of the best batteries for Galaxy S5 from unofficial vendors. Use it to buy the best option for your money!

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