5 Unorthodox Games For Your Android Device

Once upon a time game recommendations for smartphones weren’t so necessary. It was easy enough to find something you liked, and since personal taste is a major factor anyway, no one really needed guidance. “Need” is still a strong word, but because there are now so many different games of all different kinds, it actually can help to look at a list now and then. Accordingly, this is our look at five unusual games you might not necessarily see at the top of the charts, but which you’ll enjoy on your Android device.

#1. Ultimate Chicken Horse

This is a game meant to be played with friends, so it’s not the most casual mobile entertainment experience. But if you have the group for it, it’s a blast. It actually originated on Kickstarter, where it was billed as a chance to

set deadly traps to screw with your friends

as you all try to get to the flag, building a level as you go. Basically, it’s a platformer in which you choose a fun animated animal to play as and then try to beat your friends to the end of a level you can all manipulate as you play.

#2. Hopeless: The Dark Cave

This is just a fun, well-executed game and a good example of what can happen to such a game when there are just too many apps floating around. The game sets you up to control a fearful but cute creature equipped with a firearm with which to take down monsters in a dark cave. That’s about it, but again, it’s all in the execution. It’s a pretty, amusing, and enjoyable game.

#3. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Robot Unicorn Attack became popular a few years ago as a browser game but didn’t make as much of a splash as it should have when it moved to mobile. Incidentally the game – a sort of endless runner/glider in which you smash through stars and leap over drops as a majestic unicorn – is perfectly suited to app form. This sequel is basically the same game as the first, with a few aesthetic upgrades and changes.

#4. Mighty Arthur

This game falls into the slot category, but if you have any interest in that sort of game it’s one you shouldn’t miss. With five reels and 20 paylines it has a fairly standard gaming setup, but as a video slot released in November of last year it’s become known for some impressive presentation. Its animations recall the legends of King Arthur and Excalibur and do a wonderful job of capturing a fairy tale-like medieval atmosphere.

#5. Fist Puncher

This is actually a normal, if somewhat vintage game, a sort of old-school beat-em-up progressive. But a game like that can work with any sort of character or story setup, from an X-Men comic to a Ninja Turtles episode. In this case we have an array of ridiculous made up characters like Dr. Karate and The Beekeper, all making up the “Fist Puncher” team and fighting for justice in a ‘70s/’80s street crime environment. One review said it best: it’s just a nostalgic throwback to the age of side-scrolling brawlers (which a lot of gamers will view as a necessary treat).

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