Why Should You Implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to Your Website?

The success of your website depends on many factors. Your website alone can’t really bring you amazing results – if you haven’t done your homework on marketing and optimization. In the end, the qualities of a good website may vary, but the goal is the same – providing user satisfaction.

Nowadays, if you’re seeking to tie in loose ends and make improvements, there are many features that you can implement to provide a better user experience for your website visitors and increase your SEO ranking.

In this article, we’ll talk about one such technique – a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We’ll unravel what it is, the importance of implementing a CDN to your website, and give you some tips on how to pick out the best provider out there.

What Is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A Content Delivery Network is a network that connects your globally distributed edge servers and your origin server. With a CDN, your content is delivered to your end-users as fast as possible, enhancing their overall experience on your website. With a CDN, both the static and dynamic content on your site gets duplicated by the edge server that is geographically closest to the user which requests the files and sends it to them in no time.

CDNs are also used for completing one of Google’s requirements to rank high – speed. Did you know that if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, around 53% of mobile users will leave immediately?

The statistics emphasize the importance of optimizing your website loading speed. The page load time will affect your website conversion rate, and even a second can have an immense impact. So, by implementing a CDN you’ll satisfy both your users and Google – which makes it a must for providing you a boost in sales and rankings. If you’re not sure whether your website speed is adequate, you can use a free tool designed by Google, PageSpeed Insights, to see where you’re at. This way you’ll be aware of how your website performs, and you’ll be able to gauge whether your site needs additional support from a CDN.

However, speed isn’t the only purpose of a CDN. Content Delivery Networks aren’t used just by international companies that have global traffic. They are also used by small local companies for protection and security. A CDN works as a shield to your origin server and keeps it safe from any data breaches or attacks. This is because if you have a CDN, your edge servers will be the first to be attacked by hackers. Even if one of your edge servers goes down, its job will be overtaken by the edge server next to them, and your website will experience less (or zero) downtime.

Now you know what a CDN is and how it can positively affect your website loading time, providing another layer of protection as well, right? So, let’s fast-forward to the reasons why a CDN can be important for your website.

Why Do You Need a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network should be an essential asset to your website if you want to reach global users and a greater amount of traffic.

A CDN Can Help Your PBN

If you want to build a Private Blog Network (PBN) for obtaining better SEO results, a CDN can be a great addition to it. This grey hat SEO technique is a shortcut to obtaining good rankings. A CDN will keep your PBN safe which is the most important thing for your network to be successful. Check out LaunchCDN to find out more about PBNs and h ow to build them safely on CDNs.

You’ll Get More Uptime!

Other than that, a CDN will prevent your website from crashing because the load of your single server will now be distributed evenly on your edge servers. However, what other benefits will your website experience?

A CDN Will Save You Money!

Did you know that a CDN is an investment that will actually save you money? Yes, that’s right. If you choose a CDN, then you can reduce bandwidth usage by 60%. This means that the money that you’ll usually pay to your web hosting provider is going to be saved – or invested in something else.

The Chance for Scalability and Handling Traffic Spikes

It’s very likely that your website will grow in the near future. Sometimes you might start your website customized strictly for local users, but things might change. If your website grows and your small business suddenly becomes a global international business, a CDN will make the transition very smooth. The CDN will also handle any potential traffic spikes, sharing the load and reducing downtime.

Adjustment to All Devices

The CDN will easily adjust the content of your website to any device. Therefore, no matter the device your user is trying to reach you from, with the help of a CDN, they’ll have the best user experience possible.

If you think the benefits of CDN will make it worth your while, we encourage you to give CDNs ago. If you haven’t already made the decision to invest in a CDN, maybe now is the time!

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