Which is the Best Backup Service to Consider in 2020

With the daily demands in creating, saving and sharing files which include videos, audios, images and documents, many individuals seek ways by which these valuable files can be backed up to prevent system failure, theft, loss or natural disasters. Electronic data systems have various risks that have to be mitigated by taking various measures to protect stored files. One effective way to protect your files is to back them up.

What Is A Backup Service?

This is a method that involves saving data offsite via a service provider such that you can retrieve such data as a backup copy should the original copy get lost, stolen or destroyed. Data stored can be easily retrieved. To begin with, you have to back up contents on your local drives such as files and folders consistently. The purpose of backing up your data is to ensure recovery should anything wrong happen to the original copies. How do you identify backup service provides that can fully secure your files and allows you to easily recover them? Here are some great backup services that have been tested and trusted.

  • Backblaze

This is the ultimate cloud backup service provider. It is highly reliable and trusted by users all over the world. Backblaze offer military-grade encryption that ensures the safety of your data. It packs robust features that offer you value for your money. Its price plan starts at $6 per month on each computer. However, with their 2-year plan, you get to pay $4.58. They also provide unlimited storage space, file size and unlimited speed. You can easily install and run Backblaze app and your file library is automatically updated whenever you add or modify a file. It is very easy to access files remotely and download as zip files. 

Should you need to restore your data, there are USB hard drives – up to 8TB for $189, or USB flash drives – 256GB for $99 – that you can order and have shipped to you with your data on it. To do this, you need to return it within the 30-day window for a refund. Its SSL encryption feature secures your data. All Backblaze data centers are being strictly monitored round-the-clock with biometric security and redundant power. You also have a 2-factor authentication feature with a 6-digit code that is sent to your phone during sign-in.

  • Carbonite

Carbonite is a reputable backup service provider that offers different price plans to both personal and business users. With these plans, you get unlimited data backup at a cheap rate (lowest annual plan at $6.00 per month). This is the Safe Basic plan in which you get one internal hard drive. There are other premium plans: The Safe Plus plan (annual bill at $9.34 per month and offers backup on the internal drive and external drives) and the Safe Prime plan (annual bill at $12.50 per month). With the latter plan, you get extra features like image backup which restores a system totally, including applications, and backs up data such as SQL Sharepoint and MySQL. Your backed-up files can be accessed via web and mobile apps. It also uses the same protocol like that of Backblaze.

  • IDrive

With IDrive, you get unlimited devices and backups for external hard drives which is available on the Personal plan. However, the maximum storage size is capped at 2TB for $69.50 per year and 5TB for $99.50 per year. Nevertheless, you get discounts on these price plans in the first year. Interestingly, you can mail your hard drive with your data on it to avoid long hours of upload. Subsequent backups will be done online. Just like Backblaze you can request for your data recovery and have it shipped to you in a hard drive which you have to ship back once you are done. It offers a military-grade 256-bit encryption protocol with an optional private key and two-factor authentication. With their free IDrive Basic plan, you get 5GB of storage.

These are the best backup service providers you can get. Please click here to find out more about these backup service providers and how to get the best backup services

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