What makes a 15″ Gaming Laptop Different

A 15″ gaming laptop is an ideal laptop for playing games. It is powerful and portable with excellent features and specifications. Looking at Razer Blade 15, it has a more prominent display which has narrow bezels, a new chassis, 144 HZ lightning panel option as well as a seven-core processor.

Comparing a 15″ gaming laptop with other sizes, you realize that there is a lot of variation in terms of display, portability, and also effectiveness in performance.

Advantages of buying a 15″ gaming laptop

15″ gaming laptops have many advantages over other gaming laptops. Some of the advantages include:

  • Their size is big enough to give you a perfect view of the action but also small enough to ease portability. You can, therefore, travel with them wherever you want hence no worry that when traveling you have to forego playing games.
  • They allow smooth gameplay. 15″ gaming laptops are able to run most games well at 60fps and above. They have high-quality graphics settings and high refresh rates.
  • They have enough RAM capacity that provides room for various multi-tasking, more so when streaming games.
  • Their keyboards feel comfortable and also look great. Remember playing games has a lot to do with pounding the keys on the keyboard.

How to choose the right laptop size

Size is among the key considerations you have to make when buying a gaming laptop. Before settling for the right size that you need for your gaming laptop, consider the following factors.

  • Identify where you will be using your laptop: If you are someone who travels a lot, you probably go school every day where you are required to carry your laptop or any other reason that makes you travel so much, then you the question to address is the issue of portability. You must, therefore, ensure that your computer is light and easy to walk around with.
  • Graphics capabilities: gamers would want a laptop with dedicated AMD or NVIDIA graphics. Larger laptops have more room for a GPU as well as GPU cooling. A 15-inch laptop will be perfect for a GPU hence quality gaming power.
  • The type of display: display relates so much with graphics consideration, but if you really desire a 4K display, your most appropriate size will be a 15- inch laptop.
  • The number of ports that you need: the size of a laptop determines the number of ports to be fitted on the sides. If you want to have the HDMI, SD card, Ethernet and a several USB ports, then you need to go for a 15 – inch laptop.

The Bottom Line

Gaming is an interesting way to spend your leisure time. Not only does it relieve one the tiredness and the accumulated stress one encountered during the day, but it also an excellent way to exercise the mind in a relaxed mood. It serves to increase concentration as well as expanding the thinking capacity. When buying a gaming laptop or an ultrabook laptop, it is good to consider the size of the laptop, but generally, a 15-inch gaming laptop guarantees you satisfaction when playing your games. However, up till now, it’s still best to play on a gaming PC, instead of a laptop and it’d be even better if you can customize one on your own. Doesn’t know where to start? Read this guide from PCGuide.

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