Welcome to The Future: How to Make A Smart Dream House?

The ranks of the army of fans of “Smart home” systems are growing steadily. Of course, the automation and home control system under the common name “smart home” constantly expands its capabilities, functionality and increases the choice of “smart” gadgets.

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Where to begin

Let’s start by defining your needs and, in fact, your capabilities. To do this, answer two basic questions: what functions do you need to automate for your comfort, and what knowledge and skills do you have?

Of course, if you previously had experience in installing electrical devices and have programming skills, then you will most likely understand the system and installing it will not be difficult. In the absence of such experience, clearly following the instructions, it is also possible to achieve a positive result in the elementary automation of some processes. However, this will take time and the maximum of your patience.

Light control

The usual method to turn on the light in the house – using a wall switch – is slowly becoming a thing of the past. By the way, the switch turned 135 years old this year. In the Smart Home, the problem of a large number of switches was resolved due to their flexible binding. Any switch can be reprogrammed in such a way that it can be used to turn on or off any lighting device or group of devices in the house at your demand.

To implement light scenarios, the control of light in the Smart Home is automated. For this, several types of sensors are used: a motion sensor, a light sensor, a door position sensor, etc. A man enters the room – the light comes on. After a while, after you leave the room, the light will go out.

In a modern smart home, all the “set” of light, including streetlights and RGB lights, can be remotely controlled using a remote control or a single control panel. So, sitting in a chair in front of the TV, pressing a few buttons on the control panel, you can turn on or off the lights in the garage, in the hallway or in any other part of the house. Moreover, you can control the light in a smart home from anywhere in the world.

Safety first

The “smart” house is able to protect itself during the absence of the owner. It can imitate the presence of a person in the house, periodically turning on and off the light in different rooms, creating noise and other effects of the presence of people.

Usually, smart lighting is laid in the design project of the future house or apartment. The cost of automated light control pays off significant energy savings. In some cases, it can reach 30%. It is for this reason that “smart” homes are widespread in Europe.

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