Top Pharma Companies and Their Top Selling Products.

Pharma Companies

The number of all the licensed pharmaceutical companies is no less, yet great ones are very well rare to say. Although you might not know which pharma company is actually doing great in providing their best products and achieving people’s trust around the globe, just by the thought of it.

Instead, there can be a proper information evaluation to this that can help you analyze the right rate of top products that are well-known and proudly trusted by people of some rare and good pharmaceutical companies.

Although when you search on the internet for the top-selling pharma company or products, the list is surely large and never-ending (thanks to the huge variety of pharma companies around the globe). So to shorten that struggle and lessen your stress in terms of finding the top pharma company, as evaluated in the previous year’s till date; here’s a helpful list for you.

So do not worry about getting all lost in a bunch of well-known pharma companies, because here’s some from the list of top 10 sales achieving and trust gaining companies and their pharmaceutical products for sale.

5 Top Selling Pharmaceutical Companies and Their Best Selling Products

As mentioned earlier, here’s a list of prescribed drugs that have generated the most sales in the previous years and their top-rated pharma companies:

This pharmaceutical company made a sale of about $45.3 billion in Rx sales as calculated last in 2018. Their top-selling products are:

  1. Prevnar 3 ($5.8 billion sales rate)
  2. Lyrica($4.97 billion sales rate)
  3. Ibrance ($4.12 billion sales rate)

The pharmaceutical products manufactured by this company earned a total sale of $44.55 billion approx., in the Rx sales:

  1. Herceptin ($7.14 billion sales rate)
  2. Avastin ($7 billion sales rate)
  3. Rituxan ($6.9 billion sales rate)

This drug manufacturing company made about $43.48 billion sales rate in the Rx sales having the following top pharmaceutical products for sale:

  1. Gilenya ( $3.34 billion sales rate)
  2. Cosentyx ( $2.84 billion sales rate)
  3. Lucentis ( $2.05 billion sales rate)

Johnson & Johnson
This well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer company has also made it in the top-selling list over the past years, according to the reports till 2018; having a top sale of following products:

  1. Stelara ($5.6 billion sales rate)
  2. Remicade ($4.89 billion sales rate)
  3. Zytiga ($3.5 billion of sales rate)

Merck & Co.
The following pharmaceutical manufacturer has achieved a sale of pharmaceutical products for sale, having them in the top sales rate. The top products are:

  1. Keytruda ($7.7 billion of sales rate)
  2. Januvia ($3.69 billion of sales rate)
  3. Gardasil ($3.15 billion sales rate)

Note: all this mentioned information of top-selling pharma products and top pharma companies was generated by an EvaluatePharma analysis and was mainly cited by a magazine name as; Pharm Exec magazine.


There’s a huge list of pharma companies that are well-known and can be considered trustworthy when it comes to buying their drugs. Likewise, there are more than 5 top pharma companies and their top-selling drugs too, but we’ve mentioned here just the top 5 ones that have achieved the most sale as per evaluation.

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