Top 5 WhatsApp Spy Apps You Can Trust

A few weeks ago, I was terrified to see a notification of my girlfriend’s ex’s message on her phone while she was away. But I could not really look into the message because I didn’t want to look so protective and act like a creep.

This feeling of curiosity and concern didn’t really go away. I had to know about the WhatsApp messages that they exchanged between them. I started looking for different ways to spy on her phone without her coming to know about it.

I then came across this brilliant spying app called Spyic. It is undoubtedly the best spying app if you wish to look into somebody’s WhatsApp messages or other social media accounts secretively. You can check out more details about it on the Clickfree page of the tool.

Using spying apps to look into a loved one’s phone is the safest and best choice. To give you more options, I have discussed a total of 5 best WhatsApp spy apps that you can trust. 

#1 Spyic: The best and most reliable WhatsApp spy app

Have you tried using Spyic yet? If not, you are missing out! Whether you are looking for a WhatsApp spying app for checking up on your partner or to look into your child’s phone, Spyic is the answer!

Using the best WhatsApp spy app is important to make sure that you don’t end up hurting a loved one while spying on their phone. In such cases, Spyic is the choice you can trust. It is used by millions of users across more than 190 countries.

Also, there are some really popular media houses that praise the use of Spyic for spying on any phone securely. A few of these media houses include The Next Web, CNET, and Mashable.

Not to forget, Spyic is not just the best choice; it is an affordable one as well. The tool has got plenty of exciting features that you can use to keep track of much more than just WhatsApp messages!


How to start using the Spyic tool for spying?

Check out the simple procedure of setting up Spyic that is going to take you less than ten minutes to complete it. 

Step 1- The first step is to sign up and make an account on Spyic. You will require basic information like a valid email address and a password to sign up on the website.

Step 2- Next, you will have to pick a suitable subscription plan as per your requirements. There are options available like Premium, Family, or Corporate plan. Choose the one that will meet your needs.

Step 3- After making the purchase for the plan, follow the wizard for set up instructions. You will have to choose between Android and iOS to begin setting up the tool for spying.

It is a great solution because there is no need for you to install any explicit application in the case of the iPhone. All you have to do is verify the credentials for the iCloud of the target device.

In the case of an Android target phone, you will have to install a small app worth 2 MB. This is barely going to occupy any space on the phone, so you can do it secretly very easily.

Step 4- Spyic will now start syncing up with your target device. In a few minutes, you will be able to access the dashboard of the target device.


Step 5- From the dashboard, you will be all set to spy on the WhatsApp messages of the target phone.

#2 Spyier

Setting up Spyier is also very convenient, just like that of Spyic. You can easily make an account and opt for a plan on Spyier and look into WhatsApp messages of the target Android or iPhone device.

Another great thing here is that you can make use of Spyier to spy on Windows or Mac OS X too. Spyier gives you allowance to look into WhatsApp messages of the target phone in a completely remote manner.

Even though the app is a little on the higher pricing side, it is an excellent tool for spying.

#3 Cocospy

If you still want options after Spyic, you could definitely go for Cocospy as well. This application is a fast and effective one too. You can spy on the WhatsApp messages of the target device easily using Cocospy.

There are many parents, employers, and spouses who make use of this tool to monitor the WhatsApp activities of their children, employees, or partners, respectively.

There are advanced and powerful tools available with Cocospy that allow you to spy on not just WhatsApp but other social media accounts too. It even gives you access to the phonebook and media files of the device. 


#4 Minspy

Minspy is a perfect WhatsApp spy app available for Android and iPhone users. The Dashboard of the tool has good and flawless functionalities.

It is also a popular name on the list when it comes to choosing the best WhatsApp spy app for a phone. It is a cloud-based solution that allows you remote access to the WhatsApp messages as well as media on the phone and other crucial things that you need to spy on.

The setting up procedure of the tool is simple and hassle-free. So, even if you aren’t a complete techie, you can easily follow the steps and set up Minspy for the target device.

#5 Spyine

Spyine is a comfortable WhatsApp spying tool available for you. You can monitor various activities of the social media accounts and do other things like track calls or the location of the device.

There are no downloads or hefty applications necessary to be able to use Spyine required. Simply create an account, follow the setup wizard, and get access to all that you are looking for in the target device. 

All five WhatsApp spying apps mentioned above are fantastic in their functionality and serve the purpose equally well. However, if you have to go by the best choice, then Spyic would be the answer!

Spyic is a trusted, popular choice that has been used by multiple people across the globe, and thus, it has many satisfied customers.

Who knew spying on another phone without actually physically accessing it would be so easy? Spyic is such a great solution to spying needs, and it helps you maintain the trust too. You can’t really ask for more!

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