Top 5 Web Development Trends for 2019

Technology often comes up in conversations across the world. In fact, it’s a subject that’s hard to skip over. Since the last decade tech has made a turn in a new direction leading us into a more technological based era. So many advancements and developments have taken place, and it’s simply incredible how far tech has come.

Where there is growth there are trends and the world of web development trends is showing some promising information.

Enter The World Of Artificial Intelligence

We’ve reached the point in life where technology has flourished to new heights, hints the introduction to AIs (Artificial Intelligence). Basically, artificial intelligence is displayed mainly by machines. These machines have the ability to mimic human intelligence so that they can perform a number of tasks. In a sense, an AI can express incredible cognitive functions like the ability to collect data, understand emotions, solve problems that are challenging, and more. AIs are capable of so much, which is why they continuing to climb the trending ladder. AI-enabled developments are starting to sweep the world taking a number of forms. There are a lot of goals that artificial intelligence is capable of reaching. It’s one of the main reasons why companies and everyday people have become attached to the idea of AI-enabled developments.

JavaScripts Is Staying Ahead

Many may not know this but over the last six for almost seven years, JavaScript has remained the most popular language. They have stuck on a steady climb of development which is incredible in terms of them staying ahead of the pack. From its designs to their framework improvements, they’ve proved to the trending markets that they are here to stay. JavaScript is incredible because they can guarantee you power, a challenge, and more than enough flexibility. Developers have made sure that JavaScript stays on the top things.


One of the hottest web development trends is PWAs (or Progressive Web Apps). Essentially, these can be described as modern day web applications that actually load like they are average web pages. Yes, they do indeed load up like regular web pages or even websites, but there’s one thing that stands out. It has the ability to do this entire but at a much higher level of functionally than your average website. They can load instantly thanks to their progressive enhancement capabilities.

Websites That Are Mobile-Friendly

Technology has brought us mobile devices, and mobile smartphones work wonders with mobile-friendly websites. Most of these websites use touch controls that fit onto your smartphone’s screen. Not only is there a sense of quick navigation, but you’ll also be able to load up much quicker than you normally would. Users who have limited data won’t have to panic, thanks to it’s quick loading time data entry is reduced by a significant margin.

Don’t Forget Motion UI

The demand for interactive web design is constantly on the rise, which is where Motion UI has come in. Continuing to trend in 2019, everyone is in store for a year full of amazing animations, dynamic graphics and much more. Motion UI has given developers and designers to chance to showcase incredible visuals. With the tools that are available now, there’s no avoiding the fact that it’ll be on the rise for years to come.

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