Top 5 Mindfulness Apps

According to research, the optimal way to improve your cognitive function, physical capabilities and general output at work is by being mindful. For the past couple of years, mindfulness has been the trending topic in the science sector.

The benefits of mindfulness has helped achieve worldwide recognition and now tech geniuses have taken the initiative to come up with some remarkable apps for the same.

Below is a rich extensive list of some of the best apps that have proven to be very dependable when it comes to helping you achieve gratitude and presence in your life.

  1. Aura health.

This is a very intelligent mindfulness app that is designed to detect your emotions and make your day better. The app has been developed by some of the best therapists to ensure that it delivers exactly what is expected for someone with anxiety, stress and other life situations that keep you low.

It comes with meditation exercises that last from 3 to more than 20 minutes. It is also fitted with a huge number of nature sounds to ensure you are fully relaxed. For inspiration, the mindfulness app has a number of short stories for you to read. This is the best app to help you maintain a great mood throughout.


  • Has a variety of music.
  • Comes with inspirational stories.
  • Has a gratitude journal.
  • Gives you complete control.


  • Some features require purchase.
  1. Calm.

Calm was named the 2017 application of the year thanks to its unique interface that pacifies your body, mind, and soul. This application is available for both androids and iOS devices for absolutely free. You will, however, be required to pay an annual subscription to unleash its full potential.

The app is filled with a number of incredible sounds such as those of rain and birds chirping. These sounds are designed to create a tranquil atmosphere that will enable you to achieve peace of mind.

There are quite a number of free meditations that have varying lengths including the numerous exercises. It also comes with a kids section that is specifically designed to help kids at the age of 3 to 7. There is a story section that is meant to read you bedtime stories until you fall asleep.


  • Has a kids section.
  • Comes with sleep story section.
  • Compatible with both androids and iPhone.
  • It is free.
  • Has a huge amount of meditation exercises.


  • Requires a subscription fee too.
  1. Meditation Oasis.

This is one of the best mindfulness apps that is designed to guide you on how to achieve meditation and presence. It comes in a simpler interface which is very easy to use. Meditation oasis will enable you to perform deep meditation and relieve stress. If you are new to activities that result in mindfulness, worry not.

The app comes with voice-guided exercises that will guide you on exactly what to do. You are also allowed to choose the amount of time you want your meditation to last.

Meditation oasis gives you variable meditation options like listening to meditation with or without music and nature sounds. In case you select meditation with sound, you will be required to decide whether you want the sound to continue after the meditation is over or not and for how long. This will enable you to relax and experience the present moment completely.

With meditation oasis, every meditation session will be great. The app gives you complete control of your meditation exercise and also enables you to customize your sessions however you want.


  • Has easy to use interface.
  • Gives you complete control.
  • Has a number of sounds and music.
  • Comes with variable exercises.


  • Has lesser features compares to other apps.
  1. Stop Breathe Think.

Stop, breathe and think is yet another mindfulness app that is designed to help you evaluate your emotions. This app will enable you to know how you are feeling from day to day.

It is built to reduce your stress, lock out your anxiety, help you breathe deeply and ensure you have a good night sleep. It comes with a number of short meditation videos, acupuncture videos as well as numerous guided meditations.

After every session, the app has an interface that enables you to track your mood. This means that you can always check out your overall progress whenever you want to. With this feature, you will be able to know if the meditation is working or not.

The main function of the app is to enable you to create a gap between your thoughts, emotions, and reactions so that you may know how well to reciprocate to an emotional situation. These features are what makes stop, breath and think meditation app the best.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Has a lot of meditation exercises.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Keeps records.


  • Lacks longer meditations.
  • You will have to purchase other exercises.
  1. The Mindfulness App.

The mindfulness app comes in a unique design and features that will ensure you end up with great mental health. Once you download the app, you will get a five-day guided meditation exercise to help you familiarize yourself with the app. This is why it is known as the best meditation app for both amateurs and skilled meditators. Numerous exercises have a varied range of time starting from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

It also comes with a reminder option to help you maintain your peace of mind throughout. You can opt for either silent or guided meditation. This means that the app is designed to give you exactly what you want. The mindfulness app keeps statistics of your performance, and so you can evaluate yourself.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Gives you complete control of your meditation.
  • Records sessions.
  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Comes with a 5 day guided practice.


  • Some features require purchase.

The above list expands on some of the best apps that can easily transform your anxious and stressful life into a blissful living. Each of them comes with a number of features to guide you through your meditational exercises. Some even keep records so that you may evaluate your mindfulness whenever you want. With them, you will always be present and fully relaxed.

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