Top 5 Android Apps to Use in 2020

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Phones these days are pocket-sized computers with professional-grade cameras and applications. There are millions of applications you can have on your phone, which can help you in your office work, school, or creative hobbies.

If you do not have the right applications to take advantage of, you are just not fully benefiting from your smartphone.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 android applications to have on your smartphone, which will make things much easier for you and ensure you use your phone to its maximum potential. Keep reading to find out all there is to know about the top applications of 2020.

  1. Google Drive

Every smartphone user is familiar with Google Drive. It is a cloud storage service with up to 15GB free available on all Android phones. But what makes Google Drive so special is the bundle of Android applications that are linked to it.

The bundle includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Slides, Google Keep, Gmail, Google Calendar, and more. Besides their office apps, photos app, and notes, you have applications to do anything you need in terms of productivity. Some features also include deep sharing features, live collaboration, OneDrive, and much more.

  1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most powerful applications out there. You simply download the app and enable it from your phone; then, you can ask it whatever you want. It supports various commands, light controls, FAQs, and even simple math problems.

If you want to quick launch the app you just need shortcut icon the home page.  Just say a word and it will find it for you. For example speak “play jazz music” and it will instantly search the web and play it for you. The best part about Google Assistant is that it’s free, so go ahead and install it on your phone right now!

  1. LastPass Manager

This is one of the essential apps you must install to save all your passwords at one place. This app can also help in generating strong passwords. A LasPass vault is provided where all your information is stored. You just need a master password for the app which can be used during surfing the internet. Once the master password is entered, it will automatically fill the form for you.

It has a friendly platform that allows and supports computers, mobiles, and tablets; besides, the premium version is quite cheap, and you can also grab LastPass Authenticator for added security.

  1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers out there, which exceeds what any normal launcher has to offer. It comes with a great of host features, including backup, restore, screen setup, icon themes, and many other customizing elements for your phone.

Meanwhile, the premium version allows for gesture control, unread count badges, and icon swipe action. It is a fun customizing app which you should definitely have on your Android phone.

  1. Family Locator

This is one of the best phone tracking app present for android phones. It allows you to create a list, including your friends and family, and keep track of where they are through their smartphone.

As you can imagine, this app even lets you recover your phone if lost. Furthermore, it allows you to control who can find you and look for your phone.


There are hundreds of more applications that you can get on your smartphone to make your life easy and to have fun, and these were just our picks of the 2020 applications that we thought you should get on your smartphone.

For more information about applications, you can do a little research on your own and come up with what you think are the top 5 applications of 2020 for Android phones.