Top 10 Important Beginner Tips for New Squad Players

New squad

The squad is a game that can keep you seated for hours. It is a warfare game that requires teamwork, communication, tactics, and strategy. Most importantly, you have to understand the basics and the game objective to be good at it. You may be holding weapons, but sometimes the kill is not always the right move.

In this first-shooter game, you’re better off making the enemy lose tickets than killing them. As soon as the enemy loses all their tickets, your Squad becomes the winner. This is why you must understand what’s important and what’s not so important. You can only do that by using every squad hacks available for a faster and simpler introduction into the game.

In this article, we’ll equip you with ten important beginner tips for new Squad players.

10 Squad Tips for Beginners

  • Start from the Shooting Range

After learning the gameplay of Squad, the next step should be the “Shooting Range.” This mode will equip you with every important aspect of the game before you jump in. For instance, you can customize the controls, experiment with graphic settings, try the kits, weapons, and even the vehicles. You can also check the grenades and try using them.

The Shooting range gives you untethered access to all the features, tools, and equipment in the Squad. You can go ahead to try everything without restrictions before joining the multiplayer field.

  • Choose a half-populated server. 

The best place to start as a beginner is a server in your region. The servers are operated in different languages, but most of them are run in English. So, it’s either you choose your language or a server that the player speaks English. Also, make sure that the server is not overly populated. That way, the squad members and their leader will support you throughout the game.

  • Pick a suitable squad to join.

One of the good indications of a suitable squad is communication. Check if the members are talking to one another or not. If they’re not, avoid it and choose another squad. A simple thing to do is to say “Hi” through the squad comm. If nobody responds, leave the server and choose another one.

  • Don’t be the Squad leader. 

Why be a leader in a game you’re yet to master. If you take full responsibility for a squad, you’ll lead them to defeat. So, be a squad member first, then gradually up your skills to the point of leader. Note, to avoid the leader role, avoid creating a new squad as it will make you a leader automatically.

  • Follow orders to tee.

Your squad leader is supposedly knowledgeable and experienced in playing Squad and winning the objective. Being a squad member, your duty is to follow the order from the leader. Your squad is pursuing a single objective, and every action and strategy is geared towards the goal. So, listen and ask questions when you don’t get the order. You can’t be a lone wolf, and the kills sometimes are not always important.

  • Don’t spawn or Respawn carelessly.

Before spawning, ask the Squad leader about the right place, time, and objective to target before spawning. Also, it’s best to spawn close to your leader or the squad. Sometimes your leader may ask you to wait before spawning, and that’s what you should do.

As for respawning, try to wait until a medic comes to fix you instead of using up one ticket to respawn. Remember, it takes one ticket to do that, and that ticket could help your team to win.

  • Master the map

The map is very important in any game, not just Squad. It shows you strategic locations to watch out for or even utilize in the game. Once you’ve mastered the Squad map, you can easily identify where to spawn, enemies’ locations, etc. it also shows you where your mates are and where to find your squad base.

  • Choose beginner weapons first. 

There are many tempting weapons in Squad. But as a beginner, it’s best to start with a medic kit and a Rifleman class of weapons. Other specialist weapons should be left for the Squad leaders since he knows the best.

  1. Avoid flag mix-up

On Squad, both factions are after the opponent’s flags. So, try to know what you’re defending and what you’re targeting. The flags of your enemies have orange arrows differentiating them from your own flag. Your faction flag will be marked with purple color, and that’s the one you must protect in the game.

  • Be a good team player.

There’s no place for lone wolves in Squad. It is a game that requires teamwork and proper coordination. So, if you aim to win, learn to play the game with others. Take actions based on the Squad Leader’s directives and learn to communicative always with other members.


The squad is fun, and teamwork is the key. We’ve shared the important beginner tips to get you started. Don’t forget that the Shooting Range will prepare you before the battle fight. Also, killing is not always the right move. Your Squad Leader’s orders are very important to win the game.