The People Behind Our Electronics

Do you enjoy playing video games? Are you a fan of tech gadgets? You probably own a smartphone and have a few favorite apps. You may have shopped around at Rack85’s online electronics store in Singapore.

Have you ever wondered about the people who have the ingenuity and creativity to develop some of our most beloved electronic devices? There are a host of careers for people who enjoy creating anything related to electronics. Without these professionals your favorite video games, gadgets and apps would not exist.

Video Game Developers

If you are a fan of video games, give thanks to the developers and designers who create these forms of entertainment. There is a lot that goes into creating a video game. The ones that are responsible for game development are more than gaming obsessed people. These individuals are highly trained developers and engineers who love creating action packed video games.

The process of video game development includes creating a concept for a game, writing the story, coding and programming. After all of that, the job of a developer is far from over. Design, audio and production comes next. It takes timeless hours to develop a game. A team of engineers, developers and designers work in unison to create an overall video game.

Computer Professionals

Most of us either own or use a computer on a regular basis. The people that have careers that are responsible for creating computers and their functions play a major role in the world around us. Go almost anywhere and some type of computerized device is on hands.

Even our smartphones are basically computers. The world around us would be drastically different if computer professionals did not exist. From engineers to programmers to technicians to scientists, the job field is extremely diverse with various people that develop the computers, create their operations, create software for them and repair them. Scientists study the functions of computers and how to better create them.

They are responsible for testing computers and all the parts that are responsible for making them function. Software developers create the software that is responsible for the process that allow computers to function. They also develop software that is responsible for processes that run on our smartphones.

Engineers design and create computers

They are the masterminds behind the formation of how all the parts of a computer will come together and create a whole computer. Programmers write the language that tells a computer what to do. Without programmers our computers would have no clue of what to do. All of these professionals work as a team that keep the world’s computers functioning.

App Developers

Applications continue to grow more and more famous as the years go by. We practically cannot live without favorite applications. These applications allow our smart devices to function and do almost anything we want. There are professionals who work tirelessly to launch applications and make sure they continue functioning properly. Next time you jump on your favorite social media app give thanks to an application developer.

Application developers create applications that go beyond creating the applications we regularly use and have knowledge about. These developers create applications that we may never know by name but are responsible for processes that we depend on for our smartphones, computers and tablets to operate in a quick manner.

Tech Startup Founders

In this age of technology it is not rare or extreme to hear of millennial entrepreneur starting the next great tech startup. Although most startups never become household names, a handful of founders have been able to completely transform the industry.

Startups are the new thing. They sound cool. They look cool. But these are actually hard businesses to create especially in the technology sector. There are many tech startup founders that are the masterminds behind legendary technology companies that changed the world.

You don’t have to launch the next Facebook or Uber to find success as a founder in the tech world. Starting a local computer and smartphone repair business is also a great accomplishment. These founders work to create a companies that employ other computer and technology professionals that all work together to create, develop and sell the world’s electronics.

Being responsible for the world’s electronics is a big task to take on but without these individuals our world would be very different. Imagine a world without video games or computers or cell phones. So many of our daily functions are dependent on the programs and software and devices created by these hardworking tech obsessed professionals. From developers to programmers to engineers to business founders to technicians, they keep the world moving technologically forward.

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