The Best Smart Devices to Buy on Black Friday 2018

At the mention of Black Friday, every avid shopper will scream with joy. It is the time when everyone spends their hard-earned cash on the best deals ever offered on a wide variety of products and services. Since smart gadgets are pretty costly throughout the year, Black Friday gives most smart homeowners the golden chance to own their dream smart gadgets at unbelievable bargains.

With countless smart gadgets in the market, the ordinary homeowner may not be able to purchase all of them on their budget. Therefore, here are the best smart deals you must check out on Black Friday 2018. These will add some oomph to your already existing or dream smart home.

#1. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are not just your basic mini sound systems; they have capabilities beyond simply playing music. Smart speakers are small smart virtual assistants that often possess voice recognition capabilities. They can be easily integrated with other smart gadgets to make it possible to control your entire smart home using voice commands.

Whether it is switching on the television, playing music, choosing TV channels, setting up alarms and setting reminders, all you need to do is speak and it will be done in a jiffy. The best smart speakers in the market include the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home, which are definitely part of this Black Friday sales.

#2. Home Security Systems

Your safety and that of your family at home are paramount, thus the need to have a well-defined security system for your home. Smart home security systems may come as a single gadget or a combination of multiple security gadgets.

Some of the most common gadgets that make up the smart home security systems include smart security cameras, security lights, motion sensors, alarms and smart door knobs/locks among others. These may be interconnected to work as a single fully-fledged security system or they can be set up to work independently. You can then get a signal on your smartphone app in case an intruder or visitor is detected, and then you will be able to come up with the best action plan.

With the amazing deals and offers coming up, you should start deliberating on the exact smart gadgets that you want to add to your home security system and coming up with a reasonable budget for them.

#3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It doesn’t matter whether you own a smart home or not; a robotic vacuum cleaner is a must-have for every household. Given its relatively affordable prices, especially during this imminent season of great discounts and offers, getting a high-quality robotic vacuum should be first on your wish list.

Robotic vacuums give homeowners the most needed reliability and convenience by allowing remote handsfree operation. With its precise navigation sensors, it can make its way around your home, cleaning your floors spotless without bumping into obstacles or falling off edges. Thanks to the dirt detection sensors, you will no longer need to worry about some parts of your floors not getting their perfect clean.

There is also the auto-charge feature that allows the vacuum to move to its charging dock for a recharge whenever it detects a low battery. It can then resume its cleaning without you having to intervene. Scheduling its cleaning patterns is also possible, therefore no need to worry in case you will be going for a long vacation.

Depending on your specific floor vacuuming needs, you may choose from a variety of brands including the best robot vacuum for carpet, for hardwood and those dedicated for pets among others. Apart from robotic vacuum cleaners, you should also check out deals on robotic steam cleaners among others.

#4. Smart Television and Fire TV Stick

Modern living revolves around entertainment; it is actually the most relaxing thing after a long and stressful workday. Thus, high-quality smart TV is what you need in your home. While a smart television has the power to access the internet, display images and videos with diverse resolutions, and output crisp clear pictures, when combined with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you get additional millions of movies, music, TV channels, and internet options. As pointed out by Fire Stick Tricks, you can jailbreak your Fire Stick for tons of free movies, TV shows, sports. And good thing is, it is not even illegal as long as you stay away from the copyrighted content.

Moreover, you can order food from your favorite restaurant that sells online and has it delivered, thanks to this Fire TV Stick. It is also compatible with the Alexa Voice Remote, therefore, you can speak to it and order it to change TV channels and it will do just that.

#5. Smart Bulbs

While your ordinary light bulb only switches on and off, the smart bulb can change colors, become dim or brighter, sense motion and turn dim or bright when you walk into or out of the room. Smart bulbs have the power to change the ambiance of your home instantly depending on the current lighting conditions as well as your mood.

While some of them can be controlled via their central control hub, others give you the convenience of responding to voice commands as well as settings made via their mobile app. Since they do not require you to keep pressing switches on or off depending on your needs- something we keep forgetting from time to time, they will eventually help reduce our electricity bills as they only switch on when needed. Smart bulbs are the next in-thing for every household, so you definitely should get some. The Philip Hue and Lifx smart bulbs are some of the best brands that are rich with fantastic features and capabilities that will turn any home into a paradise.

#6. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat has an intelligent way to regulate temperatures within your home. Most smart thermostats can be connected to your home’s heating and cooling systems such as HVAC vents.

This will ensure that once the temperature rises to a certain level, the heating system is turned off until the temperature drops again.

Since their settings can be accessed via a smartphone app or control hub, you can remotely warm your home in the evening right before stepping out of your office so that you are welcomed into a warm house. These smart thermostats can also be used in water heating systems, such that you can schedule it to warm your water daily just a few minutes before you wake up so that you walk into a warm shower. While they may seem basic, these thermostats will keep your home warm and cozy, while regulating your electricity consumption. It is surely a reason to invest in a thermostat on Black Friday in 2018.

#7. Smart Watch

The smartwatch is probably the cheapest smart gadget anyone could own, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make use of Black Friday deals on them. While you will leave every device on this list at home, you will be walking with your smartwatch everywhere you go. It will be able to monitor your pulse, heartbeats, calorie burning and general fitness while you are on the go.

You can also get any notifications you would get on your smartphone via this smartwatch. This means that you can monitor your health, your smartphone as well as your entire smart home via your smartwatch. While older models looked bulky, newer smartwatches are sleeker and more attractive, the main reason why you definitely should benefit from smartwatch deals this year. Find great smartwatch deals by checking out


Investing in smart devices will always be the highlight of anyone’s shopping experience. The thought of having a gadget that can automate any chore is just incredible, but now that thought can turn into a reality.

There are myriad stores that have great discounts and offers on Black Friday, so just because you have missed your dream smart device in one store doesn’t mean you should quit shopping.

All you need to do is research your best brands, locate a store or store where the product is available and purchase. It also helps to shop online and have your product delivered to your doorstep, ultimately avoiding the hassle of standing in endless queues.

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