Ten Best Apps That Will Help You to Write An Essay

Let’s face it: despite how straightforward it seems, writing does not come easy for all of us.  Nonetheless, thanks to our evolving technology, there are now numerous ways you can improve your essay writing process and make it both easier and more enjoyable.

If you need a little assistance in writing your essay or any other piece, there are numerous options at your disposal ranging from websites that write papers for you for free to (free) apps which can improve and refine your abilities almost instantly.

Below are 10 of the best innovative essay writing apps (for both Android and iOs) to help you grow into a better essay writer

#1. Dragon Dictation

Did you know that you can get yourself a University degree without ever typing a single word? Yes, you can, and as outlined on techicy this is all courtesy of an innovative mobile platform known as Dragon Dictation.

Dragon Dictation is a great voice recognition app. It listens while you speak and then converts your words into digitally written text automatically. This not only helps you save some lost sentences but it also significantly cuts down the overall time you would otherwise spend manually writing your essay by up to 5 times. Moreover, this app also ‘acquaints’ itself with your voice so as it gradually boost accuracy meaning that the more you make use of it, the better the app gets!

#2. ProWritingAid

This is a unique online style guide, online editor, and writing coach. ProWritingAid can discover several issues in writing like grammar checking. This app can also highlight various other pitfalls such as the overuse of vague words, transitions, and abstract.

What’s more, it allows you to upload your work into an exclusive online tool to access comprehensive writing reports which can significantly improve your writing strength and clarity. ProWritingAid is integrated with other software like OpenOffice, Chrome, GoogleDocs, Scrivener, and Microsoft Word.

#3. LibreOffice Writer

It is a remarkable word processing app and is mainly designed to assist individuals in need of a free word substitute. LibreOffice Writer comprises several features among them clean and complex layout not to mention supporting several file formats. With this app, you can create virtually anything ranging from a simple memo down to a complete book.  If you want to work in a word processor, this is the app for you.

#4. Freemind

According to academic surveys, one of the few essential steps to being a better writer is to take your time to brainstorm. While this can seem quite tasking, click this customwriting.  Luckily, with the Freemind app, you can create a vague diagram of your thought flows in varying formats.

This mind-mapping app allows you to visualize not only your workflows but also consolidate complex ideas. Freemind is also quite a convenient app since it will enable you to remain organized by eradicating the need to fill your wall with sticky notes.

#5. Scribus

Scribus is your ideal solution if you are looking to make an eye-catching layout for your document! An innovative free and open source platform, Scribus allows you to design a vibrant and professional design for virtually anything. The app is both a cheap as well as a secure platform which resembles Adobe InDesign.  With this free education app, you can even design layouts from magazines.

#6. FocusWriter

The quality of writing can be affected by various factors, and one of them is a distraction! For instance, Instagram can divert your attention and make it very hard for you to work on your school projects and assignments within the stipulated deadline. However, with FocusWriter, you can quickly meet all your writing goals.

FocusWriter is rated among the best android apps especially if you are dealing with college papers because it allows you to perform in-depth editing. Featuring a clean and distraction-free interface, this app can write without cluttering your computer screen. What’s more, FocusWriter can be an excellent tool to help you create a sensational essay draft.

#7. ManuScript

It is a distinct mobile app that helps you easily and effectively come up with a framework (action plan) to follow. This free education app offers you free essay edit by checking on your punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors.

The app is packed with research paper options just like with Google features. After you are done, get an HTML or XML version of your essay (absolutely free of charge) which you can publish and promote online.

#8. Evernote

This is a popular mobile/web app primarily because it is easy to use the platform. With Evernote, you can quickly scribble down any new ideas, questions, or even arguments that you have.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to type everything manually. Why? Evernote comes with a great voice recognition feature that allows you to record everything you need for your essay. Moreover, Evernote also checks on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

#9. Diaro

Typically, Diaro is an innovative diary application that is packed with numerous advanced features that can help you draft your essays. To create an excellent piece, it is vital that you either write notes or keep a journal on all the essential details; and this is where Dario comes in.

First, Diaro allows you to savor important moments in your life whether good or otherwise. In essence, it is designed to assist you in organizing your thoughts and memories. What’s more, with Diaro, you can attach photos or location to different entries and subsequently share them through email or your favorite social network platforms. Lastly and perhaps the most critical feature of this app is that it allows you to conceal your ‘dirty little secrets’ since it has a password feature to protect the diary.

#10. Canva

Canva is also another remarkably useful tool to help you write your essays effectively. It is an exciting, powerful yet free tool which can help you create some stunning images. By using this particular tool, you can draft down a book or even generate some blog posts.

Canva features remarkable drag and drop templates that can allow you to create a stunning book cover. Unlike Photoshop that requires particular skillsets and expertise to use, you can use Canva as an alternative tool.

While it is easy to assume that writing is a straightforward thing, it can get pretty challenging and exhausting without professional assistance. However, with these ten apps, you can efficiently work on and complete your essay all while still maintaining your focus and remaining organized.

Whether you are looking to draft down a simple shopping list or looking to devote your life to writing, these ten apps can expertly assist you in completing each of your writing projects. Be sure to check out these apps next time you have a pending essay assignment or project. You will love it!

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