Should I Join A Creative Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment Agency

One of the most common freelance writing questions I get asked is whether or not I’m going to be part of a creative recruiting agency. Creative Circle and The Creative Group are two of the most popular organizations that specialize in helping freelance writers find projects.

I have joined two of these recruiting agencies before, so I can tell you the pros and cons of going this route versus finding your projects and clients.

In my opinion, the benefits of creative recruiting agencies are few and far between. The only major feature I see is that if you don’t want to keep up with your freelance writing projects, creative recruiting agencies can help.

However, the projects you take on (which are not as many as you might think) will require you to take a much lower hourly wage than you would normally be charged.

Payment of Creative Staffing Agencies

It is essential to know that the creative staffing agencies usually pay you at most $35 per hour, while the client charges a higher number and gets the difference. For me, I prefer to work and research my writing projects as a freelance, as I can double that amount, rather than relying on a creative recruiting agency to give me an occasional project.

Now, if you’re a writer with little experience and don’t know where to start, a creative recruiting agency might help get your feet wet. However, once you have the land, I recommend that you represent yourself and do much more important checks.

Public programs work for a variety of businesses in many industries. Very good examples are Quickbooks for accounting and Microsoft Outlook for e-mail. The advantage of working with public software is that there is usually a large, relatively affordable support community.

At the same time, since it is not limited to the sector in which the recruitment agency operates, it may not be the most effective solution. For example, Quickbooks supports a timesheet management system.

At first glance, this is ideal for planning and managing payroll but is also prone to errors due to the very limited verification of user input. Industry-specific recruiting programs typically come in the form of an integrated software package that covers almost every aspect of business operation.

Public Employment Program

The public employment program is intended for employment agencies, but not for any industry. Many applicant tracking systems, for example, work very well for almost all types of recruiting agencies.

As a result, there are still a variety of systems that support individual aspects of the agency to choose from. However, because it is not specific to any industry (such as healthcare, truck drivers, or consultants), each application typically only supports one aspect of the hiring process.

The agency must then create interfaces between the different applications to maintain a smooth flow of information throughout the organization, from candidate sourcing to invoice management.

The need for recruiting programs often stems from the need to improve business or prepare for growth. It is advisable to identify areas of the organization where the programs will have the greatest impact on profit, and then focus on them first.

This can reduce the risks and costs that usually accompany a major change in business operations. Once the type of program required is clear, a list of providers can be compiled from a basic internet search.

There is usually not much information about the internal details of this software to be found online, so the next step should be to sign up for a demo with each vendor. They are generally happy to respond to these requests because it is a great opportunity to sell their software.


Working on all the demos can take time, but it’s also a rewarding process. Not only is it possible to judge how the app supports the agency’s business operations, but there is also learning involved, which can translate into business process improvements outside of the program.

During the demonstration, it is important to ask questions and take notes about the pros and cons, as well as checking the boxes for a list of specific requirements that the program must meet. This will be very helpful when making a decision.