SBI PO: Top ways to prepare, tips and tricks


SBI PO exam is a competitive exam for aspirants who want to secure a job in the banking sector. Candidates aspiring to appear for the SBI PO exam have to go through three different phases. First of all, they have to give the prelims, then mains, and last GDPI. Candidates have to prepare for each phase thoroughly to secure a job. Candidates have to follow certain preparation strategies, use some important tips and tricks to clear the exam and achieve their aim. This article will help candidates to use the right preparation tips and tricks to clear the SBI PO exam in their first attempt.

Preparation tips

Candidates can use the given preparation tips to prepare for the SBI PO exam. They can make a study plan to clear the exam. Oliveboard offers the best preparation study material for the SBI PO exam. Students can refer to the website to download previous year’s papers and other useful study material to prepare for the exam.

Exam pattern and syllabus

Candidates must understand the exam pattern and syllabus. This is the most important step and it is the first step when you think of preparing for the SBI PO exam. It will help candidates to get information about the topics and the division of marks for different sections of the exam.

Make a study plan

Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning, and English are the common topics to be prepared for both the prelims and the mains exam. But, candidates have to focus on general awareness and descriptive tests for the main paper. Candidates should read the newspapers and latest magazines daily to get aware of the latest news. They can also practice writing essays to prepare for the descriptive test. It is necessary to give equal importance to all sections because candidates have to get qualifying marks in each section to clear the exam.

Previous year papers

Candidates must go through the previous year’s papers. They should mark the topics that are frequently asked in the exam. They should also look for scoring areas to score high in the exam. Previous year papers can help candidates to get an insight into the latest exam pattern and the type of questions that are asked in the exam. If candidates want to check the latest trend of the exam, they can also refer to other similar exam papers such as IBPS, PO, etc.

Regular practice

Regular practice is a key to achieving success in the exam. Candidates should try to solve sample question papers to practice as much as they can. Continuous solving of previous year papers and sample papers can help candidates to enhance their skills, speed, and accuracy.

Practice mock test

After solving the previous year’s papers and sample papers candidates must focus on mock tests. They should try to give as many mock tests as they can. This will help them to understand how well they have prepared for the exam. This will help them to know their weak points so that they can work on their weak points and make them stronger before the final date of the exam.


A final revision just before the exam is very important. Candidates must do a quick revision of all important topics before the exam. This will help to retain important things till the final exam. They should make a revision schedule to cover each topic before the final exam date.

Books and other study material

There are several books available in the market for SBI PO exam preparation. Candidates must buy recommended books for different subjects and they should research before choosing the right book for the preparation. The book should cover all the topics and should be based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern. It should also help candidates to solve different questions easily using simple tricks.

Things to keep in mind when preparing for the SBI PO exam

Candidates must keep a few things in mind when preparing for the SBI PO exam:

  • Candidates must spend more time on the topic and subject in which they feel uncomfortable. They should know their weaknesses and strengths so that they can focus more on the important and weak areas.
  • Candidates must follow current affairs that will help them to ace through the general awareness part of the exam. When they keep in regular touch with current affairs it does not put much burden on their mind in the end.
  • SBI PO exam is conducted online, therefore; candidates should be well versed with online technology. They should be aware of the working on the computer and should try giving mock tests to manage time and accuracy in the exam.
  • Candidates must write all mathematical formulas in a notebook so that they can revise all formulas before the exam. This will help them to memorize the formulas till the end of the exam and apply them appropriately in the exam.

Tips to attempt the paper

Candidates must follow the given tips to attempt the paper. The tips can help candidates to complete the paper in the given time.

  • Candidates should try to attempt easy questions first so that they can build confidence. Many candidates try to solve the paper in the given order and they get confused, which can reduce their enthusiasm to solve the paper.
  • After answering easy questions, they can focus on the difficult ones. While solving the paper candidates must keep a track of time as they have to finish the paper on time to qualify for the next step.
  • Candidates must make sure that they have answered all questions. If they are not sure about any question they should not waste time on the same question and should move on to the next question to save time.

Thus, candidates preparing for the SBI PO exam should start preparing early so that they can cover every topic and entire syllabus prescribed for the exam on time. Candidates can also join a coaching cater to get help for exam preparation. Otherwise, self-study is the most important key to acing a competitive exam.