Picture Puzzles As A Tool For Relaxation, On Paper or Hand Held


There are picture puzzle gaming nights at coffee shops, and a lot of people attend these. Puzzlers even compete in libraries or online. And you can also get customized puzzles created for a more personal touch.

What may ever be the case – picture puzzles are in fashion now more than ever. These have traveled a long way from being just paper-pen games to now the oh-so-convenient mobile apps.

Picture puzzles like picture cross are quite absorbing and are sure to lift your spirits much higher. These are blissful and also comforting – so much that you’d literally lose track of time and completely forget about stuff that’s stressing you out.

While you’re solving picture puzzles, you get into a meditative state, which makes puzzling great for relaxation. You get an endorphin rush when you fill in the last correct cell on the grid and unleash the hidden image. It would be safe to say that puzzles are a perfect antidote to your worries, solving nonograms can lead to proper relaxation.

Taking about picture cross, it’s a Japanese puzzle popularly known as Nonogram, Griddler, Hanjie, Picross, and Cross Number in different parts of the world. It’s basically a logic-based drawing puzzle where the challenge is to fill in a grid adhering to the number clues for each row and column. In short, you’ve to draw a rectangular pixel image satisfying the given clues. Traditionally these have been black and white, but now picture cross puzzles also come in color. Having only one solution makes the puzzle unique, and the one you encounter with multiple solutions won’t be called an actual picture cross puzzle.

These puzzles are exciting and a little time-consuming, but interesting and ideal for both beginners and pro players. You can solve these all by yourself or get along your gang to slow down from the everyday chaos and play in groups. With time, you also get better at decision-making, start trusting your convictions, have more fun than being anxious, and spend your time meaningfully.

The paper-pen approach of playing Nonogram or picture cross has been much-loved since 1988, the year of its invention. These became a massive success within just a few years. As technology progressed, these paper puzzles transitioned onto the electronic medium and got more accessible. The puzzle’s still a rage – once you get the hang of the rules, it can be anyone’s favorite pastime. Both the platforms are equally popular – just that the online versions of picture cross are much more convenient and readily available. Try out one for yourself and see your anxieties waving off!