PDF Readers Vs Online PDF Readers

PDF Readers

PDF documents have become a necessary part of our corporate and educational lives. In the business sector, they are used to maintain customer invoices, records, memos, and whatnot.

They are also used in the educational sector to create notes, exam papers, documents, etc.

In short, PDF readers have become an integral part of our lives.

However, there’s an ongoing debate that PDF reading extensions on browsers are making PDF readers disappear. Is it true? Let’s find out:


Online PDF Reader: Time is a luxury and sadly, PDF extensions on browsers take up a lot of time which is not good. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are some of the most used browsers and they are known to consume a lot of RAM.

Now, considering that we open PDF documents on these browsers, they add up to the RAM consumption and might even crash the browser.

PDF Reader: These are designed to handle PDF documents like a pro. They take very little time to upload a file or multiple files, that is if you’re using a top-notch PDF reader such as Soda PDF.

Winner: PDF reader


PDF was invented way back in 1991 and since then it has made huge progress in terms of features, accessibility, use, and security. Gone are the days when viewing PDF document was an issue. Today, it’s a piece of cake but you will need a good reader to do more than just view a file.

Features Offered By Online PDF Reader: Free online PDF extensions will let you read, edit or send PDFs. They won’t let you use advanced features such as e-sign, collaborate, PDF encryption, etc.

Features Offered By PDF Readers: A good quality PDF reader will offer a plethora of features including send and track documents, sign them electronically, connect to Cloud for sharing purpose, open multiple PDFs, apply security to documents, etc.

Winner: PDF Readers.


PDFs can contain sensitive information that needs to be kept out of the hands of unauthorized people due to the risk of private information leaking out. This is why security is a huge concern.

How Secure Are Online PDF Readers: Online PDF readers are not as secure as they should be. If an online PDF reader is hosted on an unreliable site then hackers could get the information using SQL injection or other means of hacking.

Apart from that, there’s no lock document feature available in case of online readers.

How Secure Are PDF Readers: They are extremely secure. They offer password protection to protect a document. This is one of the most used features in business sectors as it helps keep important documents safe and secure.

Only those who know the password will be able to open the document.

Winner: PDF readers.

It seems that PDF readers are way better than online PDF readers and extensions that are used in browsers. If you are looking for plenty of features then buy a PDF reader today.

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