Our Car Covers

Our Car Covers

Cover Company specializes in the manufacture of car protection covers for contemporary and classic vehicles. Beyond the wide range of car covers offered on our site, we can also manufacture other types of covers on request and after validation with our workshop. To do this, simply send us your request and we will send you a quote within 48 hours.

Why is it important to use a car cover?

Buying a car is usually the biggest investment after buying real estate. One of the most important points to consider in this investment is the depreciation of the car over time (except, of course, in the case of some classic cars which tend to gain value due to their rarity). Adequate protection of your vehicle is, therefore, necessary to ensure a long life for your vehicle while keeping it in optimal condition.

If we consider the two points below:

  • 1) A car is an important investment
  • 2) This investment depreciates overtime …

It is clear that the more you protect this investment, the longer it will keep value and therefore you will be able to get a better price when it is resold. In the case of classic cars, it is doubly important to take care of the vehicle. On the one hand, the happy owners of a piece of history are responsible for their conservation for future generations and on the other hand, they maximize their value in the event of resale. It is therefore important to offer them the best possible protection, whether indoors or outdoors. Visit our website for more details https://www.carcover.com/.


The Cover Company protective covers are specially designed to offer your car the best protection. We have covers for all the models of cars available on the market, whether contemporary or classic.

Our covers are grouped into 3 ranges:

Bronze range: indoor or outdoor covers. High-quality standard scrupulously chosen from several sizes to match the dimensions of your car. Designed in the best materials, these covers protect your paint perfectly: double stitching and ultra-soft interior, breathable fabric against condensation and waterproof (outdoor protection). The fit is perfect thanks to a double elastic that is both resistant and soft on the bottom of the vehicle. View product int ed laughing and outside.

Silver range: high-quality indoor covers made from high-quality materials. The interior surface in ultra-soft fleece provides exceptional protection for your vehicle’s paintwork. Its satin exterior is very aesthetic. Due to its superelasticity and its mirror sleeves, this cover often passes for 100% made to measure. A high-quality glove effect that will keep your vehicle parked indoors. The fit is perfect thanks to a double elastic that is both resistant and soft on the bottom of the vehicle. See the product sheet.

Platinum range: 100% custom indoor or outdoor covers. Entirely handcrafted from the exact pattern of your vehicle, they represent a real tailor-made suit for cars. This range of covers have many colors and have mirror sleeves. Designed in the best materials, these covers perfectly protect your paintwork: ultra-soft interior and double stitching, breathable fabric against condensation and waterproof (outdoor protection). The fit is perfect thanks to a double elastic that is both resistant and soft on the bottom of the vehicle. See the indoor and outdoor product sheet.


To optimize the life of a car, you have to take care of both its interior and exterior; the cabin is just as important as the bodywork and mechanics.

Therefore, it can be interesting to use protective car covers adapted to the seats of his vehicle.

Given the number of criteria to take into account to choose them well and the many references offered, it is not always easy to find the right model.

This is why we have made an overview of these criteria by highlighting what should not be overlooked.


As explained above, a good cover is, first of all, a cover suitable for the seats of your car.

It must therefore imperatively respect their dimensions to guarantee optimal protection not only of the seat itself but also of the armrests and the headrest.

Car cover guaranteed 2 years

By placing your order on Lovecar.fr, you are sure that this condition will be met since our Premium and Utility offers relate exclusively to the marketing of custom-designed equipment.

In addition, our covers are guaranteed for 2 years.

However, tailoring is only of interest if you know precisely not only the make and model of your car but also its year and the finish and composition of its seats.

Protecting yourself with this information before ordering will allow you to avoid any unpleasant surprises during installation, and therefore to return the unsuitable product to us.

This observation is, for example, valid for the Peugeot 206. The seats of the models manufactured between April 2000 and October 2003 and those manufactured between December 2003 and 2013 are actually not the same size.

Your future cover must meet your needs and expectations. You must, therefore, ask yourself the right questions to choose it wisely:


For a people carrier, we will, for example, tend to turn to a cover that protects against stains, animal hair, the risk of tears, and all other attacks that are usually faced with the seats of a family car.

A finding that also prevails for utilities because they too are very exposed to the risk of deterioration.


And protection is not the only valid reason.

Many are actually motivated by the aesthetic side alone, particularly in terms of personalization.


A cover that is not securely attached because it is not suitable for those of your seats will in no way have the expected visual effect. To be sure you are not mistaken, refer to your car’s manual for the precise version.

Color also constitutes a predominant selection criterion.

The lover has a large number of references in black and some in lighter shades, like grey, to allow a perfect adaptation with each interior. All those for whom aesthetics count a lot will have on Lovecar.fr only the embarrassment of the choice.

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