Mobile Call Spy and Message Tracking

There are times when we need to track someone’s call majorly in terms of parental control or for voice recording to use it further. These must be used in the legal ways else you may come across the legalities which will be quite hard for you.

Especially, if you are a working parent then managing the child remotely become one of the major challenges and in such case to take care and monitor your kids, such mobile call spy apps help.

These apps are nothing but the simple Android or iOS app which allows you to record and monitor the calls and message made by the one whom you are tracking. In this technology enhancement times when almost everyone uses a smartphone, getting your kids away from it is usually not possible. The best you can do is, to let them away from the harmful stuff.

For example, if they are chatting on Facebook messenger then make sure you are using FB messenger spy to monitor then whom they are chatting and making contacts. As soon as you come across that they are making contacts with some unknown, you can warn them.

Snoopza Call Tracker

There are plenty of such apps available in the market and one of the leading is Snoopza. Snoopza is a leading spy app helping you to monitor someone’s call, phone, messages, location, and much more remotely. Snoopza can also be considered as a great help when it comes to parental control or employee monitoring system.

How does Snoopza track call?

Snoopza has a dedicated mobile app for your android phone which you can download by visiting the website. All you need to do is just signup and login to the website. Once done, you can download the app easily.

Once the app is downloaded, simply install it like you do with any other android app. Once installed, you can configure it. The same you need to do with the destination device which you want to track. Going forward whatever will be the call made to the device you have installed the Snoopza app, will be recorded, uploaded, and notified to your dashboard which you can track and manage easily. Then you can use those calls and make a quick audit to check if your kids are talking to someone who they should not and take necessary actions.

How to Track Messages using Snoopza

Similarly, how the call tracking works, message tracking also works in the similar fashion. You need to install the software on the mobile app of the person whose message you want to track. And from next time, when some text messages will come, you will be notified, and the content will be visible to you as well.

So, you can check whom the messages are being sent and from where it is being received and based on those factors, you can take the required actions.

Snoopza offers way beyond just the call and message tracking and you can check the complete list of features here;


Such systems will be of your great help when you have become parent recently and are a working professional. Managing the parental control for the working parents are quite difficult and time conscious. And in such cases, these parental control tools will help you achieve and manage the kids in a better way and more efficiently. The best thing is with these tools you won’t even have to be physically present and you can do all your work remotely. Here are some of the features you would like to have while doing parental control-

  • You should be able to know the location of your kid so that you can track where they are going at what time and then you can check if that involve any unknown places or not. If there are any places where your kid should not have been to, take the required actions.
  • You should be also able to scan their social profiles to check if they are making any wrong move or interacting with the wrong person or sharing the wrong content over there. Any parental control tool will have such feature and all you have to do it, just enable it and keep an eye on it so that they won’t get interacted with the wrong stuff.
  • Sometimes if you feel, you can ask to capture the screen as well and get the video recorded as well. You should schedule the time in your dashboard and at that time the screen will be captured or video will be recorded and uploaded to the server which you will be having access.


This was all about the best ways you can track and manage the calls and messages for any mobile phone. The best thing with call and message tracker Snoopza is, you can get started with the Snoopza for free and once you are satisfied, you can buy the product.

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