Meeting with a Doctor during Covid Times


These are some difficult times, for a host of reasons. Even if you put aside the biggest issue, that of the tremendous losses so many have suffered as a result of this pandemic, those of us that have been lucky enough to not lose anyone we care about still deal with a lot of strife right now.

Pandemics are frightening, we live under the constant existential dread that we could contract this illness and potentially die ourselves. At this point, this isn’t terribly likely if we exercise the precautions that various health organizations have recommended, but try to tell your subconscious such things, and see how far that gets you.

These are uncertain times, we don’t know what’s going to become of the economy in the long run, because eventually, this will all come to call when the dust settles. This is been a time of social upheaval as well, and society will never be the same.

The elimination of brick-and-mortar institutions as primary workplaces, places of business and places of social interaction is forever over. The digital age has truly begun, and a more insular way of life will probably be the way things are well into the future.

However, while these are just the natural change of things, as change is an unavoidable, ever-marching thing, right now, we find ourselves with a bit of dilemma. How do we see a doctor during this time, when medical facilities are probably the most dangerous place to go?

Alternative sources of trusted medical information

There are, to an extent, alternatives to just visiting a doctor. Of course, if you are in serious pain, or suffering serious symptoms of some form, visiting a doctor a person is mandatory, as physical examinations are still the only way to achieve certain conclusive things. However, there are sources of trusted medical information that one can go online for, one needs only be selective about the sources.

In fact, some doctors are providing online medical consulting themselves, giving you the best advice they can without physical examination. Others provide online medical consulting through trusted websites, you simply have to be very selective about the websites you use. The issue is, online, anyone can claim to be an expert on anything, so you need to have some criteria in place for your trusted source.

Defining this trusted information?

Obviously, if you’re online medical consulting is coming from your doctor, or the organization he works with, you already know you have a trusted medical information source.

However, when consulting anywhere else, be sure that any publications are peer-reviewed, and the any websites are run by doctors that are respected in their given field. Any website run by doctors that are trusted sources will very probably list these pedigrees, so the absence of such pedigrees is evidence that the source may not be trustworthy.

Don’t simply do a Google search about potential symptoms, click the first link you get, and assume that what it says as gospel. That your sources, make sure that these are trusted professionals, and in that case, within reason, you can trust the online medical consulting they provide.

If you are in significant pain, however, or suffering from quality-of-life-impacting symptoms of some sort, see a doctor in person immediately. If you mask up, sanitize, and shower immediately upon getting home as well as wash your clothes, you will actually be all right.

The truth is, this virus does not transmit through surfaces very well, so if you exercise the proper cautions, which medical facilities one sister do anyhow, you are safe. It’s more about not over-taxing the medical infrastructure than it is about worrying about catching something at this point.