Improve Projects Success Rates with Online Kanban Boards: Learn How


Gone are the days when whiteboards with sticky notes all over them were the only way to plan out things. The projects’ planning process has taken a steep turn towards a more organized approach with Kanban boards now. Physical Kanban boards are the ultimate solutions for smaller teams working on relatively smaller projects. Online Kanban boards, on the other hand, have enabled larger entities to plan their projects from multiple locations all at once. And not just this, physical boards of any kind are tough to maintain and might sit in the messy pile just after the brainstorming sessions. This is what an online Kanban board fixes.

While working on larger projects on physical boards, it is a given that most cards will go either missing or will pile up on each other. Online Kanban boards, however, can fix that situation in a jiff. These Kanban boards are so user-friendly and accessible that you can have multiple teams working on the same project from various locations without the fear of data going amiss. Online Kanban boards not only help teams dedicate their time efficiently; it also tracks their performance and keeps records. We all know how imperative it can be to analyze workflow indicators and how dreadful it can be doing it on a physical board.

There are several benefits when it comes to using online Kanban boards to improve project success rates; let’s discuss a few.

Central storage for information

The hassle of having to organize and use files across teams and offices is over! Online Kanban board offers such ease when it comes to storing and sharing information. With a central system in place, all an individual would need to access any information on the board is an active internet connection.

Real-time updates

Any updates on the Kanban board, for instance, creating, moving, or completing a card, will be reflected on everyone else’s systems simultaneously. This will eliminate the need to do it physically or if the team is located in different areas or offices, have them know of the development. It is the ultimate solution for all the diverse requirements that any team could have.

Easy access for all

Several times there are teams that are located remotely, or a member of the team works from a remote location. In such a scenario, it gets difficult to let them know of the developments, and it can throw off the synchronization within the team. Online Kanban boards allow easy access to all with a simple internet connection, and the worry of having remotely located teams or team members just gets eliminated.

Increased Security

It can get especially hard to track cards on a physical board. Online Kanban board makes it easy to store data and work on sensitive projects. Physical boards can have cards taken off of them without anyone noticing, but an online Kanban board can only be accessed by the authorized team members.

Workflow analysis

An online Kanban board makes it incredibly easy for you to analyze your project’s workflow and offers various metrics to track the progress. Unlike physical boards; you can track cumulative and individual progress on the online Kanban board. You can even measure the stability of the progress and compare project analytics with other projects.

Apart from all these, the online Kanban board is also integrable with other tools and software programs to further enhance your work’s efficiency and provides the opportunity to automate the process. These boards, in all, are the perfect means to map and visualize your workflow.