How To Prank During The Time Of Coronavirus

prank in covid

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has massively changed the way we live all around the world. It’s more difficult to travel freely now than ever. And even if you want to go out, establishments are stricter, people are required to wear masks and be socially distanced – and not to mention the anxiety that comes with going out that may put ourselves and our loved ones at risk. During this time, the real best option that we have is to stay at home as much as possible and try our best to amuse ourselves. Some people realize that it’s not that bad to stay at home at all! In fact, people prefer the convenience of at-home setups even after the pandemic has eased enough to go back to how the world was like again.

In any situation, there are always ways to keep your spirits high. One way to do this is to take care of yourself and keep your body healthy. At-home exercises are trendy nowadays,  so if you are planning to jumpstart your fitness journey, you can learn about the best gym equipment you can use at home here.

Another way to keep your spirits up is through pranks! You don’t need to perform hardcore ones just to have a good laugh because you can do practical jokes that are just as fun even if you are quarantined at home with your family. Besides, it’s hard to share a good laugh with masks on! For those of you sneaky pranksters who want to prank your family members in this indoor setup, we listed down 13 prank ideas that you can try from the safety of your own home! Read on to find out.

Prank Calls

This prank call app boasts a library of more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can choose from that you can send to anyone anywhere and anytime you like. You send quick prank calls ranging from an annoying neighbor randomly asking for a Wifi password to an angry girlfriend threatening someone to stay away from her man. You won’t have to worry about these pranks’ quality because they are made from genius prank scripts and are performed by professional voice actors to make the calls more believable!

If you want something more elaborate, you can always send Ownage Pranks a prank request and leave the deed to the pros as you just enjoy the fun unfold at your ear’s reach! Their calls are also untraceable, thanks to their spoof call app. A spoof call app works by gathering your data and hiding it all under a fake caller I.D. This way, you won’t need a burner phone anymore to enjoy prank calls. Fun, right!?

Nail Polish Soap Prank

Is anyone heading to the washroom or entering the shower? Make sure they won’t be as clean as they hoped by painting over a bar of soap with clear nail polish. Just imaging them rubbing and rubbing, but the suds won’t ever come out. Yikes! After you’ve made your prank, make sure to scrape the coat of nail polish off. Remember that there’s still a pandemic. People’s hands need to be clean always!

Fruit Juice Shower Prank

Next time your sibling goes to the shower, give them a sweet and refreshing surprise of Kool-aid. No, you won’t be giving them a glass of it in the shower. We’re not doing any niceties here. Instead, sprinkle some Kool-aid on the showerhead until it rains tasty fruit juice. If they get mad at you for doing this, just tell them you wanted to give them a Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory experience.

Fake Spider Prank

When you open your closet, you expect to see clothes – not a gigantic spider! But, you can always order a realistic-looking one from Amazon, and it will give you endless fun! Just put it anywhere you like, and it will instantly scare your family members. Who wouldn’t be scared? Spiders always trigger anyone’s flight or fight response!

Remote App Prank

If you search for the keywords “remote app prank” on Google Playstore or Apple App store, you will be met by many results. In our opinion, it’s best to find a TV remote app which you will need sufficient enough time to familiarise yourself with. Then, the next time your dad chills out in the living room while watching his favourite show,  switch the front to the shopping channel or to Disney. Remember to be discreet though, you don’t want to anger papa bear!

Desktop Display Not Working Prank

Non-essential workers switched to remote working setups now. That means people are working on their computers for their livelihood currently. While the prospective victim went out for a break, sneak into their computer, take a screenshot of their desktop display and save it later. Now, remove all the shortcuts to the programs that they have. Once empty, change the wallpaper into the photo you took earlier. They will get confused as to why none of the programs is opening when they click them. It may take them several minutes to find out someone (such as yourself) is messing with them!

Oil On Toes Prank

Since you live at home with your family, you can always prank them while sleeping. Sneak into their bedroom in the middle of the night and leave drops of baby oil on their feet (any oil will do, this one is just the least disgusting.) This creates a subconscious effect on their end where they will attempt to rub their toes the whole night because that thing is uncomfortable as hell! They will wake up the following day feeling restless. Make sure they don’t have anything planned the next day, though!

Mouldy Bread Prank

This prank takes 5 minutes to do but will genuinely drive your mom insane. Head to the kitchen and grab some algae or mould-green food colouring. Get that load of bread your mother just bought and sprinkle the powder onto random places. Leave it back to where you took it and wait for your mom to see it. Don’t forget to tell her it’s a prank, okay? We don’t like wasting food here!

Do you want to know who has a crush on who? Go to this website and send it to your friends or even your crush. It poses as a love calculator website where one can check their compatibility with others. Still, in reality, it’s an app that snoops and tells! It’ too bad and embarrassing if you’re the victim. But if you know better like now, you’ll have fun in it! Head to the website and obtain your personal love calculator link. Send that link to your prospective victims, and when they respond, you will see it in your account. You will see your victim’s crushes, and it will surely be a fun thing to know about. Who doesn’t like gossip, right?

You Got Whipped Prank

What do you do when you have whipped cream and a sleeping victim? You make them pull a prank on themselves! Gently leave a pretty generous amount of whipped cream on the palm of your victim’s dominant hand. Once it’s sufficient, tickle their nose with a feather, and they will instinctively rub it with their dominant hand – and BOOM! They slapped whipped cream on their own face!

Unmoving Cursor Prank

Like the desktop display not working prank, this prank is a simple yet effective way to mess with anyone in a work-from-home or online class setup. Simply leave a sticky tape at the mouse’s sensor. When your victim tries to move it, the cursor will refuse to move!

Mint Oreos Prank

Did you know that Oreo has a new flavour? It’s mint-flavoured Oreos! But it just hasn’t been released yet, and you have to do it on your own if you want it enough. So be a peach and serve this delightful snack to your family members. Simply scrape off the cream in Oreos and spread white toothpaste instead. Try to hold your laughter until they realize the blasting (and quite frothy) surprise in this!

Aren’t these pranks completely easy and doable? Not to mention, they’re Coronavirus-safe too! So go ahead and do what you came here for by trying out the hilarious pranks we listed above. Remember to always wash your hands, keep your antics respectful. Good luck and happy pranking, folks!