How Do I Monitor Phone Without Touching My Phone?

The age we live in is by far, one of the most connected in the entire world.

Ever since the rise of the internet age, there has been an explosion in the number of people who are online.

This degree of ‘connectedness’ has all but increased with the rise of smartphones and tablets, among other such devices.

As with just about everything in the lives of people, there is a certain need to maintain control over one’s possessions. And this is true for mobile phones, as much as it is for anything else.

When it comes to phones, one of the biggest concerns is that of keeping a track of a phone’s activities, for reasons such as security, privacy, etc. Doing this gives a sense of peace to many people, for one reason or the other.

And this is where people start to wonder, regarding how to go about doing the same. One of the added requirements that many have is to be able to monitor one’s phone, without having to physically interact with the hardware.

This is where things can become rather tricky and confusing.

One of the best ways to go about monitoring one’s device is through the use of remote monitoring software.

Also called mobile monitoring software, they allow the user to keep track of one’s phone remotely, without the need to physically handle the device.

Some of the most important details of the same are given below:

#1. Nature of the Software

One of the first and foremost questions about the software is with regard to their nature.

The way that the device works is fairly easy to understand. It runs in the background, and keeps a tab on all of the activities that take place on it. Whether it is a simple SMS or downloads, or for that matter anything else in between, all of that is monitored by the software.

And this monitoring process takes place entirely in the background, meaning that there is no real indication that this is going on at face value. To the average user, it will seem like there is nothing wrong with the phone at all.

#2. Price Factor

The next thing to address is with regard to the prices.

Mobile monitoring software comes in both free and paid versions. The one that you go for is entirely up to you and your budget constraints. If you feel like you don’t have the finances to pay for the software, it would be a good idea to go for a free version. But if you think that you can pay a little extra, by all means go for it because you will be getting your money’s worth in return.

Something to remember here is that you essentially get what you pay for. So if you aren’t paying anything (i.e. you are using free software), you can expect a few basic functions but that would be it. But if you would like a software application that offers more than just a few basic functions, you ought to go for a paid one.

Also to note here is that the customer care is usually better in paid versions, in comparison to those that are free.

#3. Installation of the Software

While the software may allow you to remotely keep a check on all the activities taking place on a phone, it will still require you to physically install the same on the device.

In most cases, you will have to place the installer file in the phone’s memory and execute the same to activate the software. It is only after you physically interact with the device, that you can start to keep a track on its activity.

Also to note is that you may have to make a few setting changes on the software’s control panel, before you can start to use the same.

#4. The Monitoring Logs

The monitoring logs can be viewed remotely in several ways.

One of the most common is to receive the same on a routine basis, whether through an official application account, your email id or something similar.

Likewise, the reports of the monitoring tend to be delivered on a regular basis, and at regular intervals. Also, this is something that can be adjusted to your convenience, on the application’s control panel.

The logs that are delivered can be in one of several ways, such as text files, PDF files, Excel spread sheets, recordings, etc. The exact nature of the files will depend on several factors such as the nature of the recorded content, as well as your preferences and so on. In other words, the end result of the monitoring can be in a variety of different ways, as opposed to the idea that it will be in a standardized format.

#5. Legality

Given that there is a potential for a lot of privacy issues with this software, it is important that you understand the legal aspect of the same as well.

While it is perfectly legal to use the software on your own device for your own convenience, it is not the same in other cases. On the contrary, there are a host of laws and legal provisions that can be used, should this software be used for the purpose of spying on others.

There are certain legal instances where spying does happen, which includes the use of monitoring software. But these are generally done after a suitable court order or some other such warrant has been acquired. But given that we are talking about individuals and not law enforcement, keep in mind that you are to use this software in a way that is both legal as well as ethical.

As a whole, the above mentioned strategy should give you a rough idea on how to go about with monitoring your phone.

It should also be known that there are indeed other ways to go about with keeping a track of one’s device as well.

Done right, it should help you get more control over your mobile usage, in a way that you find to be most suitable.

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