Going Hiking? Here Are The Best Apps You Need To Download

Going Hiking

Itching to hike? Well, don’t start without these apps! In this article, we’ve collated five of the most helpful apps for hiking and mountaineering! Explore what the world has to offer and be prepared for anything that comes your way. Here are the best apps for hiking:


AllTrails is a necessity when you’re a serious hiker. With more than 55,000 recorded and verified trails, this app is not only easy to use; it also has great recommendations on trails no matter where you are in the world. The app covers at least 102 countries at the moment, so whether you’re backpacking through the West Indies or climbing a local peak, the app got you covered.

With this library of trails, it’s arguably one of the best hiking apps in the world right now. The app even has bike trails as well as running trails. You can also sort trails depending on the fitness levels of your companions. Even if you just want to hike with your dog, the app will guide you on the nearest available trails in your area. Free to download on both iOS and Android.


Ever wondered what the names of the peaks that surround you, or the one that’s glinting in the distance when you are on a walk? There’s an app for that – and it’s called PeakVisor. The app uses the native camera app of your phone and 3D rendering to give you a glimpse of where you are and lets you identify the names of the mountains around. Free to download in iOS, $4.49 on the Google Store.

Google Maps

You can’t be a hiker and don’t have Google Maps on your phone. The world’s best map app is not only great for driving and GPS, but it also has an updated list of trails and routes on the most popular walking and trekking destinations worldwide. What’s great about Google Maps is that you can download an offline version of the area you’ll be hiking in. This is helpful for when something untoward will happen.

Google Maps updates it’s databases constantly, and for hikers, this is a great app to have in order to map out possible setbacks and how to navigate them. The app also offers “near me” recommendations, so if after your hike you get thirsty, you can search for the nearest Starbucks easily. Get it free on both mobile platforms.


What’s a hike without documenting it for the world to see? Even with the easiest trails, you can still get the most beautiful of pictures when you know how to spot a great scene! Instagram lets you share your hikes to the world. And if you’re a dedicated mountaineer, you can get social with like-minded people on the app. Free to download on both iOS and Android.

Pokemon Go

What’s a hiking list without a little game, huh? Live your lifelong dream of becoming a Pokemon master with Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a GPS-based game where you can catch pocket monsters while hiking. Not only will you have a greater chance of getting new Pokemon in rare locations, with the Adventure Sync feature, but you also get to record your walks even without the app open! This way, your incubating eggs will hatch while you’re hiking!

One of the great features that have come to the app is its collaboration with the National Park Foundation to celebrate the National Trails And Wild And Scenic Rivers. Exploring the world around you have never been more fun with the Pokemon that you may encounter in the wild! The best part? The app is free to download on both mobile operating systems.


Hiking, whether you do it for fun, or take it seriously, is a great way to keep your body in tip top shape. It also reacquaints you with nature, and lets you breathe a little easier. So, if you haven’t tried hiking at least one trail, it’s high time that you do! Get to downloading these apps now in order to experience the thrill fully!