Fixed LED display vs. rental LED display

LED Display

Now, with the advancement of technology, more and more applications of stage LED rental screens. Compared to traditional indoor and outdoor display screens, LED stage rental screens will have different requirements due to different uses and functions.

On the stage of concerts, large-scale night parties, entertainment programs, etc., it is inevitable that an LED screen is needed. The good stage rental LED display not only gives the public a good visual experience but also adds elegance to the overall theme of the stage. The stage rental led display is different from the fixed LED screen we usually see, and there are approximately the following differences:

Display effect

In general, the traditional engineering LED display only reproduces the propaganda effect, can reproduce images, images, videos, etc., to meet the visual experience of the human eye, and the stage rental screen LED has high definition video and on-site TV streaming, and needs to accept HD cameras. And the camera test, screen update and viewing requirements are more demanding.

Difference box

The fixed LED display, especially the outdoor LED advertising screen, is fixed after installation. The box is usually made of a standard waterproof box, which is mainly used for fixing and waterproofing, and the structure is heavy. The stage rental LED screen, the usage time is basically a few days or a few hours, the end of the activity will be eliminated, it must be disassembled, built and transported frequently, so the body of the screen requires light, easy to splice, the box is required in the structural design It is easy to disassemble, lightweight and convenient for transport. It is usually made of the die-cast aluminum case. The structure is light and thin and has high stability. It is convenient to install and disassemble at any time. It is suitable for concerts and theatrical performances.

Installation method

The structure of the LED stage rental display box is generally designed with a quick lock, with quick lifting and installation functions. It is convenient and quick to disassemble and install. The fixed support adopts a special flight frame or a frame design of Japanese characters, and all the loading and unloading of the screen is screwed and connected quickly. It can be projected and projected accurately and quickly and can be adapted to the creative requirements of the scene. Conventional indoor and outdoor LED screens are generally fixed installation methods, and the installation position is fixed, it will not move easily.

In addition, the stage rental LED display is light, thin in structure and has the functions of rapid lifting and installation, to meet the requirements for rapid installation, disassembly and handling necessary for rental. Easy to operate, easy to operate, and all the loading and unloading of the screen is screwed and connected quickly. You can erect and remove screens accurately and quickly, and you can have different ways to meet the requirements of the site; Unique in the process: unique welding process, optimized structural design, which prevents failures caused by poor contact of welding joints caused by frequent handling. And so on.

The above is the simple difference between the fixed LED display and the LED stage rental screen. The two are very different in product configuration and structural design, which also leads to a large difference in price between the two.