Experience of Using Smart Bracelets

Smart Watch

The original intention of some users to buy smart bracelets is to lose weight. When running around the lake, the desire to buy smart bracelets is getting stronger. It has been eight years since smart bracelets entered the vision of most users. This article will conduct a HUAWEI Band 5 Pro review. If you are exercising to lose weight, you can try to buy smart bracelets. It can help you have a scientific exercise.

Overall, the user experience is great. HUAWEI smart bracelet has several selling points. One is amoled color screen and you can change dial. At first sight, it was meticulous and classy.

The bracelet can light up the screen, displaying the default home page. Most of the display areas in the homepage are time and date. It realizes the time function. There are weather conditions and temperatures on the display screen, and unread message signs. The lower part of the display screen is the step count.

The screen continues to slide down and enters the message interface. Click to view the unread messages pushed by the mobile phone APP.

Sliding down is more interface of bracelet. In the “More” interface, users can see setting operation options such as changing dial. Looking for mobile phone, timer, stopwatch, brightness setting, resuming factory delivery, restarting, shutting down, etc.

Among them, the dial has only four options. The brightness is adjustable in five gears, and it has the option of reducing the brightness at night.

Sports include outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, elliptical machine, rowing machine, swimming pool swimming and free training. The detection procedures for each event are different. For example, outdoor sports, it will call GPS data of mobile phones to calculate.

In the exercise record, users can see detailed data such as movement track, movement speed, pace frequency, heart rate, etc. It can help users analyze their exercise situation.

When running, heart rate can generate icons. It concludes limit, anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance, fat burning and warm-up. In order to lose weight, it is better to control the heartbeat to the range of fat burning and aerobic endurance.

It can be waterproof, which is good. You don’t have to worry about entering water when washing your hands. You can wear it when swimming.

As long as the user sleeps with a bracelet, the bracelet will monitor the user’s sleep status. Because the bracelet is light and more suitable for wearing and sleeping.

  • The pulse measurement time is about 10 seconds.

The blood oxygen content will wait longer (it may take 1 minute), and it will measure the pulse at the same time.

The bracelet can monitor the starting time and ending time of sleep, deep sleep and shallow sleep time, etc. So users can know more about their sleep situation.

Click on the heart rate to measure the heart rate. Of course, exercise patterns will measure and record your heart rate.

When the user wears the smart bracelet to walk, the bracelet will automatically count the number of steps.

Health monitoring includes scientific sleep, sedentary reminding, continuous heart rate measurement and other functions.

Sports enthusiasts who are trying to achieve a good figure through fitness must have an intelligent bracelet that suits them. It can well assist their usual sports fitness.