Essential Tips for How to Make Your Content Unique

Unique Content

If you are in fear of detection of plagiarism by the website plagiarism checker, then don’t worry we can help you out in this matter. You must know that worrying will not solve your problem and if you have some content copied from the web, then the advanced plagiarism checkers will always find it and detect it as severe plagiarism. Now obviously you would not want the content to be rejected because it can have some consequences. If the content is detected to have plagiarism by the plagiarism checker tool used by your publisher or your instructor, then you can get into serious trouble.

First of all, make this concept clear to your mind that cheating a plagiarism checker is highly impossible, and you cannot simply do, so it is better that you focus on making your content real. As we were telling you that if a percentage of plagiarism is detected in your article then the content will not only get rejected but you will also get an F grade in your subject or you will face a serious accusation and end in your career. Today we have gathered some amazing tips for you to follow!

Change the wording of your content!

Well, this is the first and the easiest tip you can use while you are willing to make your content unique. The plagiarism checkers tools that are available as free plagiarism checkers on the web must be used by you while have written the article. Now, look at the highlighted content that is shown by the plagiarism checker to be copied. You must know that the plagiarism checkers function in a unique way to detect plagiarism in content.

Now we are going to explain the working trick so that you can easily use it against the checker. The plagiarism checker tool is capable of breaking your text in phrases consisting of three to five words, respectively. These words are then checked through the database of the tool. Now if you have detection by the tool, you can simply change the words of the phrase and you can simply change the order of them too.


Paraphrasing is the right name that defines the changing of content in your own words. When you are copying whole articles from the web, then it is important that you paraphrase it. You must read the content that you have copied and taken the main idea from it. You can simply change the content in your own words by just explaining the idea in your own wording. Now make sure you also use this mantra while saving yourself from self-plagiarism. Paraphrasing is one of the easiest and the most commonly used tip to save you from plagiarism!

Using references and citation!

Now, this is yet another tip you can use to make your content more original and unique. It is a fact that even when you are writing new content, you might need the web to take reference from the past publishing and the related ideas. Now if you have to use these ideas in your article then obviously the plagiarism checker will detect them and will accuse your writings of being plagiarized.

Now to make sure that you take reference from the publishing and previous ideas of other authors and still manage the content to be unique, you can easily use the citation and reference technique in your article.

If you use citations and quotations in your content, then the detector will simply understand the idea of your article and will not detect any kind of plagiarism on it. If you are new to the concept of reference, then we will recommend you to take guidance from your instructor so that he can help you cite. If you are not comfortable in doing so, then you can even use some plagiarism checker tools available on the web to help you cite the content!

Don’t submit before checking!

Sometimes even if you are sure that you didn’t copy any text from the web you still must make sure that the content is checked through a reliable plagiarism checker so that you can easily make sure that the content you are submitting is unique!