Difference Between IQ and EQ?

IQ and EQ?

For those who have both the words IQ and EQ, there is always confusion before they get to know. All of us want to know the difference between IQ and EQ. We may have a basic idea or even an assumption of what they are. But, not in detail and what is the difference between them.

Before diving deep into the difference between IQ and EQ  We need to understand them separately first. What are IQ, and EQ? For most people, both are not much different. But, they have huge differences.

To understand what IQ and EQ are and their differences, we will take a few points under consideration to get them better.. We will understand their definitions, their area of impact, tests used for their evaluation etc.

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IQ is known as the Intelligence Quotient. It defines the intellectual abilities of a person. Intellectual abilities like logic, reasonling, and analytical skills come under IQ evaluation.

EQ is known as the Emotional Quotient. It defines the emotional intelligence of a person. Emotional intelligence skills like understanding, reacting to emotions or feelings or any other thing.

What Do They Measure?

The IQ of a person measures his/her ability to use intellectual skills. Analytical, logical, calculative, thought process skills are some skills measured by IQ evaluation.

The EQ of a person measures his/her ability to use emotional skills. Behaviour, emotional control, ways to express, emotional thought process are skills measured by an EQ evaluation.

Area of Impact

IQ skills help one grow in individual improvement and acheivement. Performance in school, college or a particular task in a job  are areas where IQ plays a vital role.

EQ skills help one grow his/her emotional and relational development. Performance in relations, in office, one to one interaction etc are areas where EQ plays a vital role.

Evaluation Tests

Most commonly used IQ tests are:

  1. The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

  2. The Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Abilities

  3. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

  4. The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test

Most commonly used EQ tests are:

  1. The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Tests

  2. The Situational Tests of Emotional Management

  3. The Situational Tests of Emotional Understanding

  4. The Diagnostic Analysis of Nonverbal Accuracy

Whom do they Recognise?

IQ tests recognise intellectual, smart and sharp people. Those who are good in general intelligence. Masters of mind games and problems. Technically strong school toppers, college toppers are recognised by IQ evaluation.

EQ tests recognise emotionally smart people. Those who know how to control emotions, how to react and express. Leaders, speakers, team leaders, etc are recognised by EQ evaluation.

Can You Improve or Enhance them?

IQ skills like analytical, reasoning, and abstract thinking can be improved by a number of ways. The IQ of a person can be enhanced but needs training and a plan.

EQ skills like emotional stability, emotional control, and expression skills can be improved by some specific training. EQ training needs more attention and care.


Apart from what they are and what are the differences between them. A person needs both. Yes, you read correctly. We need both IQ and EQ. Both these skills are necessary for a person to grow and live a happy life.

If you are smart enough and have emotional stability and control, no one can stop you. World’s biggest leaders, stars have worked on both IQ and EQ. This plays a vital role  in their success.

In order to get a good score and start improving first you need to appear before the tests mentioned above. Then read your reports carefully and plan accordingly to improve your IQ and EQ.