Converting Your PDF Files Into The More Standardized PDF/A Document


Yes, you heard it right. You can now convert all your PDF documents into the more ISO-standardized files that are called PDFA. This is made to ensure that all your electronic records are archived and preserved for a long time. That is what you would call long-term planning when it comes to electronic PDF documents.

You can also say that PDFA is a more excellent and more upgraded version of a PDF document because, with PDFA, you would be able to do so much more with your records. Such as font-linking, long-term archiving of documents, and much more. So if you plan to finish your tasks ahead of time, then converting them into a PDFA file is a must for you!

Some Of The Amazing Features That GoGoPDF Has To Offer

Before you go ahead and learn how to convert from PDF to PDFA, it is essential that you would know some of the features that GoGoPDF has to offer. If you know and understand all the tools and features on a specific website, it would make you feel safe and secure while using their site. This feature will also make you enjoy the time you spent here.

Multi-Platform Compatibility And Flexibility

First and foremost, one of the best features that GoGoPDF has to offer you is that they have created a site that is compatible with every single platform and browser there are. That means you can use it on any operating system, just like Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Blackberry, and many more. You have the freedom to choose what you want to use.

This also goes for any browsers available across the internet right now. It does not matter if you are using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and even the latest Internet Explorer update, which is the Microsoft Edge. If you are worried if your device is too old, you are making a mistake. There is no such thing as too old.

Quickness Is Their Middle Name

GoGoPDF values the precious time of all the customers that they may have. That is why they have created and designed a feature that would save all of you a lot of time when using this site. That is because everything would be processed in an instant. Rest assured that the processing would take a few seconds up to a few minutes to be completed.

But to make sure that everything would be processed as quickly as possible, make sure that you have a stable internet connection because if you don’t have one, the speed and proficiency of this site will all be put to waste. If you are confident that you have a stable one, then great! You can now proceed in processing all the files that need to be processed.

Everything Is As Private As The White House

Not literally because everyone knows that the white house is the most guarded place globally; if their security system is out of this world, then the sky’s the limit when it comes to the security system of GoGoPDF. All the developers of this website know how important each person’s privacy is. That is why they created this feature for all customers.

This feature works by deleting all the uploaded documents in their system after an hour. This means there won’t be anything else left there. So if you’re planning to process everything again, you would need to upload all those required documents. But that’s alright! One hour is ample time for you to do everything right.

Cloud Storing Has Never Been More Convenient Than This

This is also one of the most notable features that GoGoPDF has to offer. That is because they know how vital your storage space is. That is why everything is being done now on the cloud. All the things that you have uploaded or downloaded on their site will go directly to their cloud. This way, you can save both time and your storage space in your device.


These are just some of the fantastic features that GoGoPDF has. They still have many more where you can use and enjoy. But the parts are not the only ones that they are most proud of, and they also have tons of excellent tools that you can use if you have any PDF problems. So if you need a little bit of help with your PDF, go ahead and visit this site now!