Classic PlayStation 1 Games You Should Never Miss Out


The PS1 was released at the end of 1994 and became an international success, selling over 100 million units. It also hosted some of the grandest games in the world, and we’re taking a look at those that are still worth picking up presently.

This list displays some unquestionable masterpieces, such as Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Series, alongside a few unforeseen entries that should not be ignored. Without any delay, here are the PS1 games you should definitely play today!


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Toy Story 2

In the past, movie tie-in games would become brainless micropayment cash-cows, Toy Story 2 was an enjoyable and vibrant adventure. Following the development of the film, intermixed with snippets from it, it’s a great experience to stroll about like Buzz Lightyear in areas like Andy ‘s room and Al ‘s Toy Barn. That being said, sometimes maddening control systems will have to be forgiven.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Deemed as the most influential RPG ever created, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is as fulfilling to play as it was two decades ago. The Castlevania show was nearly a decade old before the Symphony of the Night came.

This became a seminal point for the company, as the title dramatically extended the series’ platforming with RPG treasure, development, and non-linear exploring, thereby adding the suffix to the eventual “Metroidvania” theme.

Final Fantasy VII

The thrilling tale with three CD-ROMs. That starts as a revolt against the oppressive company is a lot more. And what’s going on goes beyond creativity. With captivating scenery, lush 3d modeling, and surroundings, Square Soft’s multi-million dollar work of art is a mind-blowing classic.

Croc: Legend of Gobbos

There is little question that the 3D platformer Croc: Gobbos story was influenced by the Super Mario 64. In fact, it was initially set to Nintendo as a Yoshi game. That did not quite turn out well, so the Argonaut Software developer transformed it into their own development.

Croc, a crocodile adventurer, is on a dangerous mission to save his beloved friends, the Gobbos. Traveling through wonderful surroundings and crammed full of trinkets, Croc is a worthy PS1 odyssey.

Twisted Metal 2

Right before heading the squad behind God of War, artist David Jaffe stood out for his success on the PS1 Vehicle Fighting Series, Twisted Metal. Teams take the reins of multiple over-the-top heavily armed cars and trucks in a destruction derby to an eerie point of absurdity.

Cars and car owners — like the famous ice cream truck of the show, Sweet Tooth, and Axel, a musculature-bound guy bisecting two truck tires — oozed individuality back in the early polyhedral days of 3D. Propellant weapons and power-ups are scattered across the stadiums set in the wrecks of major metropolitan areas.

Tekken 3

Tekken 3 immediately turned into an iconic game thanks to its broad and diversified character lineup and seriously magnificent visuals for an arcade fighting game. It still maintains the glory of it being the second-best-selling combat game on any console of all time, just after the Brawl Super Smash Brothers.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil, originally published as Biohazard in Japan, is Shinji Mikami’s genre-solidifying survival-horror anthology. While not the only horror title, it became such a magnetic force that, including Doom’s shooters, many subsequent genre entrants were deemed “clones.” You also can’t think regarding survival horror despite Resident Evil growing like the zombies in debates.


These PlayStation 1 classics are going to keep you entertained for hours, and you can even play PS1 games on pc, but there is much more out there. PS1 games will always have a place in our hearts and will continue to be a source of entertainment for generations to come.