CBD Oil For Aging Cats || Something You Need To Know

CBD Oil For Aging Cats

If only the myth of cats about having nine lives is real, pet-owners wouldn’t be happier. But indeed, aging is a natural and inevitable process. Just like humans, cats are also growing and getting older. However, they mature differently and age predominantly different than our human lives.

It is complicated and tricky. But, there are ways how can we protect our cats from dangerous situations. Aging isn’t always suspect because they can get old yet still healthy. All the precautions, protection, care, and love- that’s all that matters (read more).

Read on to know how you can keep your senior cat healthy- despite their growing age.


While aging is beyond our control, there are some ways we can do to keep the felines in our home healthy and safe and sound! Having them age and grow will make them prone to sickness and diseases. And that’s where vets can come in, first.

Regularly Get Your Cat A Check-Up With Your Trusted Vet

Cats aren’t expressive. Or presumably, they are, but not for us, humans. Whenever your cat has been in pain, discomfort, or any diseases- a veterinarian is a way to get good mileage out of something. Essentially, your cats will bring in good hands when you maintain their regular check-ups with a vet.

As they’re trained, they can know more than we do, whether your cat is experiencing infections, weight ailment dilemmas, or any underlying condition that may harm them. Visiting a vet can help address the issues needed to address as soon as possible so no further complexities may occur.

As we all know, aging can make anyone prone to any other diseases- cats aren’t an exception.

There are plenty of chronic diseases that are often associated with aging. The following are the diseases that can make your cat sick:

  • Chronic Diseases

In most cases, the decline in your feline’s health often happens when left unattended. Their kidneys are usually the most infected and will give a much higher risk for their life (link: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0300985815622975). When progress is often not curable or reversible, you can prevent such diseases before they occur, or you may help your cat not to experience worsening of this condition by observing a healthy lifestyle.

It requires frequent monitoring from a vet to keep an eye on the state of your cat. Not only is this disease tiring mentally, but it can also break your bank. Treating this is costly; that’s why prevention is better than cure.

  • Thinner Skin

As your cat is growing, their skin is getting thinner- making them prone to infections. Aging will make them more fragile than anything else, and it may include itchiness, hair loss, etc. Other than it, it is making the skin less elastic than usual and drier. These might be normal in a senior cat. However, these changes can also show the symptoms of nutritional scarcities and health conditions.

  • Lower Immunity

Having less immunity than what they have can make them prone to experiencing persistent diseases. Lower immunity might diminish a cat’s appetite, mood, and blood circulation from having a low immune system. Moreover, it can be severe and might shorten the life of your cat.

To make your cat live a healthy and long life, here’s what you can do.

  • Love And Affection

Basic as it sounds, these definitely will be a great help to make your cat happier. Pets who have a loving owner will live much longer and healthier- as believed by most.

  • Balanced Diet

Getting the balance right both includes the food and their lifestyle. Ensure that the kibbles they’re taking have the right amount of nutrients that will securely give them the nutrients your cat requires. Thus, get the healthiest to make your cat live longer with you.

Furthermore, try incorporating exercises or play with your cat to ensure that they are still active even though they are growing older.

  • CBD Oil

If you’ve heard about how beneficial CBD Oil in humans, then try one for your cat. If you haven’t known, they can be also advantageous for your felines.

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in both hemp and cannabis plants. It delivers efficient results that can bring the following effects:

  1. Alleviates pain
  2. Treats cancer-related diseases
  3. Reduces anxiety and stress
  4. Gives an immune boost

And the list goes on. CBD oil is a derivative of CBD- which was extracted from the plant to get the concentrate of CBD. Hence, even CBD is related to cannabis- it won’t get your feline high. Since THC or tetrahydrocannabinol should not be included when you’re getting a product yourself. THC is an ingredient that is capable of making its users feel “euphoric.”

But worry no more; having more than 0.3 percent of THC content isn’t known in federal law. You might want to try holistapet to ensure you’re getting the right one for your pet. CBD Oil is most suitable due to its versatility; you can mix it with your cat’s food, and all done.

As mentioned, visit your vet to know what dosage you will need to sustain your cat’s nutritional needs.


Aging can be a massive part of a difference that can make our cats more vulnerable to anything harmful. Discerning what it can deliver and the effect is an excellent way to make us more educated to understand how we can prevent those from happening.