Best Ways To Exchange ZEC for BTC Anonymously

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Crypto has preserved and thrived in today’s world due to the anonymity that it offers.

Governments can no longer keep track of your conversions, e.g. Zcash (ZEC) to Bitcoin (BTC) conversions, except for what you choose to make known. However, on the flip side, unscrupulous platforms are always looking to make quick cash out of crypto traders, which is relatively easy considering there’s no way to track rippers.

In this article, we have shortlisted reliable, trusted platforms where you can safely exchange your coins.

Exchange ZEC For BTC Anonymously

As one of the most reliable and fastest exchange services in the crypto market, Godex keeps earning the trust of investors. Its automatic BTC to ZEC converter ensures first-time exchangers reap the benefits of Zcash in no time.


  • A wide range of pairs on the exchange network,
  • Zero limits on transactions,
  • Swift and reliable transactions, and
  • Users are in charge of wallet control (P2P exchange).


  • Doesn’t support fiat currency for exchange transactions.


Aside from being one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges, Kraken thrives on utilizing customer feedback to enhance their exchange experience. The exchange platform provides cold digital wallets that allow you to store your crypto coins.


  • High liquidity,
  • Supports futures and margin trading, and
  • Encourages orders and position customization.


  • Minimum leverage, and
  • Relatively expensive deposit requirement.


The “No Identity Verification” feature of Bisq makes it easy to register with the cryptocurrency exchange platform. The platform’s peer-to-peer network makes your anonymous exchange of ZEC to BTC possible without third-party interference.

The open-source desktop software ensures a safe and private exchange platform.


  • Non-KYC and 100% decentralized,
  • 26+ payment options available (including Zelle), and
  • Mobile apps for both iOS and Android users.


  • Difficult to use,
  • High exchange charges, and
  • Dependent on competitors’ resources.


CoinBase is striving to build a crypto economy that is transparent and efficient in its operations. Since 2012, it has been on a mission to make BTC accessible to everyone across the globe. Today, CoinBase successfully serves a global community, coordinating cryptocurrency exchanges of all types.


  • Wide range of Altcoin choices,
  • Easy-to-use User Interface (UI Design), and
  • Extremely high liquidity.


  • High transaction charges except on the CoinBase PRO upgrade,
  • Lack of wallet keys control, and
  • Limited Altcoin trading options.


The digital currency exchange platform claims to serve an entire ecosystem. It’s true in a sense because its crypto-encyclopedia is the go-to exchange platform that records a daily volume of over 2.0 billion, on average.


  • Low exchange charges,
  • The widest variety of currency pairs and digital currencies, and
  • Ample advanced charting.


  • Not suitable for beginners, and
  • Isn’t operational in over 13 US States (including New York).

Final Thoughts

It’s very easy to buy BTC online.

Armed with the list above, all you need for your BTC exchange, or any other coin conversion, is a wallet. Ensure you stick with reliable and trusted platforms, for example,

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