Best Storage Baskets for Clutter-Free Space

Baskets for Clutter-Free Space

The cleanliness in our home affects us mentally, and based on studies, those who live in messy places are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Our home should be an area where we can relax and be at ease. Especially nowadays, we spend more time at home because of the effect of Coronavirus.

We should utilize our ample time to declutter unnecessary stuff at home. Let’s practice the proper cleaning and segregation of our things; we can refer to Marie Kondo’s ways or known as the Konmari method of tidying up. And, storage baskets are a big help if you want to start your minimalist journey.

Best Storage Baskets

Storage baskets come in a variety of designs to choose from. Depending on your goal, you can select baskets that will perfectly match your overall home interior. This type of storage offers a more stylish option compared to the typical storage box. Baskets also upgrade its features, and some brands continue to innovate.

Like any furniture at home, you need to consider the space, budget, and material before buying a storage basket. You can even research in advance with the internet’s help, and there are some baskets that you can buy through an online store. To help you in deciding what basket, here are some of the trusted storage basket brands.

Trademark Innovations Storage Baskets

This storage basket is made from wicker material, which adds to its natural look. This is best if placed on white walls or cabinets. It is convenient to use with its fold-flat features. It measures 12″ x12″ x12″ each basket. You can use this to store your towels, books, etc. for an added resort vibe to your home.

Aside from that, this basket can also be used when you have a planned picnic or outdoors. Its material is durable and guarantees to last long. We simply love its design because it reminds us of a traditional basket. Also, this basket is eco-friendly that helps in saving our Mother Earth.

AmazonBasics Fabric Basket Storage

This basket comes with drawstrings that you can use for the closure. It is made of non-woven fabric and high-quality cardboard. If you have kids at home, you can use this basket as toy storage to fit all sizes. This also features loop handles where you can quickly transfer from one place to another.

Hiyagon Canvas Storage Baskets

This canvas storage basket is stylish that would perfectly fit your minimalist interior. It features a collapsible design for easy transfers. This basket is commonly used in the nursery, where you can store toys, diapers, and other kids’ stuff. It can also protect your things from water because it has a waterproof PE coating.

Honey-Can-Do Woven Baskets

This basket from Honey-Can-Do is made of 50% cotton and 50%polyester and easy to clean strapping. The size of this at 12″ x10″ x8′ is enough to hold your home essentials. It is gray and has a unique design that will fit in any place in your home. It also has handles for easy transportation.

X-cosrack Metal Wire Basket

This type of basket can be wall-mounted and perfect for small spaces. With its metal wire material and open design, you can quickly check the item inside. Thus, this basket suits well in our kitchen and bathroom. You can also easily fold this basket if not in use. Each basket is 12″ x9″ x6″ in size.


There are a lot of basket storage in the market, and you have to choose the items that meet your budget and match your home interiors. Of course, we need to store items that we want to be visible in a specific area, but you need to arrange the things to have a clutter-free look.