Best News Apps to Stay Updated in 2020

Best News Apps

In the time that we are living today, technology has made our lives easier. So, who’s to say that we can’t make our lives much easier? Even the task of reading the news became a lot more reachable. From the moment we wake up, we can now just open our smartphones and just tap the news app that you have downloaded.

These apps will help you stay updated all throughout the day wherever you are and whenever you want. News, today in our time, travels way too fast, and also becomes out of date just as fast. Luckily for us, we all have our smartphones all the time wherever we are, right? It gets pretty convenient when we can just read wherever we are.

There are a lot of options from which we can choose from. That is why we decided to make things easier for you and round up some of the best news apps that the market can offer, and what would give us more information and understanding of the world around us. So, just sit back and relax and without further ado.

Apple News

If you are an iPhone user, then this is the best news app for you, and this is what you should get. There is no argument there, right? You don’t even have to download it on your iPhone because it is already a built-in app. You can personalize your news feed that will only give you your favorite topics, where the app learns your reading habits.

You can even pay for a premium subscription for only $10 a month that would give you access to 300 different types of magazines and premium articles like Time, Wired, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and etc.

Google News

We all know that Google excels in a lot of things, and now, they also have their own News app called Google News. It is an improvement from their previous app called the Google Play Newsstand. They acquire all their information from all around the world, and it can be argued that they are the best news app worldwide.

If you’re in a rush and just want to have a quick read, you can just tap the most relevant news for the day. If you’re interested in reading for a long time, you can view full coverage of articles that piqued your interest. Contents in Google News can also be downloaded and can be read for a later time. Convenient, right?

AP News

If you want a news app that would cover everything, then AP (Associated Press) news is what you are looking for. This app would give you all the most recent and important updates internationally. They have various teams of reporters who are committed to giving you all kinds of credible news.

The app covers Sports, Lifestyle, Business, Tech, and Entertainment. Adding to that, there are also photo galleries, radio news, or videos if you’re getting tired of reading and want a change of pace. You can also get personalized notifications that are based on the kinds of news you follow. This app can be downloaded from both iOS and Android users.


This app is one of the top-tier news apps in the market. This app is an RSS reader, which means you are able to pull from various sites and sources. Feedly does not always take everything from a single source of information, but rather from different sources. This can only mean that you are able to follow their topics and other topics from other sources.

Feedly is a free app, but there is also a $7 monthly subscription fee if you want to have more features with this app. The premium subscription would give you articles searches and would let you save content from various sources. This app is also available for both iOS and Android users, so there is no problem with whatever operating system you’re using.


Well, there you have it! That is just some of the best news apps out there. But there are a lot more news apps, and you just have to search for them and just download whichever suits your needs well. We hope that this article will help you in staying updated for the current events happening right now.