Best JIRA Scripting Tools You Should Know About

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As a JIRA admin working on JIRA can be really frustrating at times due to the complexities associated with finding out the shortcuts. Many people often go crazy managing projects there and often wish to just copy a project instead.

By utilizing automation, you can actually save a lot of your time and efforts as well. Here we will be focusing on the automation tools and other important factors which will help in easing your struggle with JIRA scripting.


ScriptRunner for Jira Server

The ScriptRunner for Jira server is an amazing tool found in the Atlassian Marketplace, which will help in making your work process with Jira effortless. Within the ScriptRunner for Jira server, there is an entire bundle of automation tools like the Built-in scripts. The Built-in scripts are a set of well-defined detailed scripts which are collated over time and will be effectively managing time for you.

  • User Switch

Generally, when admins are required to debug issues, they always have to switch users to check if any specific user has bugs and they wish to reproduce it. In the built-in script of Jira, you can swiftly switch to another user and work effortlessly.

  • Copy Project

The Copy project tool enables you to create a new project utilizing the configuration of a previous task. You can easily copy a project script; all you need to do is fill in the required information and run it. You can also preview the whole thing beforehand to know if you are making any mistakes or not.

  • Check Server Log Files

View Server Log is a swift way to check the logs for the admins who do not have access to the host server or shell to check the log. For a few clicks, you can easily check the server log files in ScriptRunner.


It is a test management tool that pledges to integrates the testing procedure into the project cycle and also allows you to track software quality as well. Zephyr is available for a 30-day free trial version; apart from that, you have to pay for it.


Xray Test Management for Jira enables test management teams to manage manually and automate the tests as Jira complications, manage screens, fields, and also workflows comprehensively. It is also available for a 30-day free trial version, and the pricing starts from $10 per year for a team of ten members.


It is quite useful for the teams who are looking to create and also manage tests from a central point. Users can also utilize TestFLO to import certain cases from multiple other test management tools like Bamboo. TestFLO brings flexibility, traceability, and comprehensive automation.


It is a test management tool that can test and bug the testing tools. Utilizing QADeputy, you can effortlessly automate any tool and also send the automated communication to many stakeholders functioning with you. QADeputy comes with a free plan which will enable only a single user, single test suite, and 100 tests as well.

By using these tools, you can make your Jira software development activities hassle-free and effective at the same time.