10 Best DNS Servers for 2018

DNS servers are automatically assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when your computer or router is connected to the internet via DHCP. However, it is not mandatory that you use those by default. There are free best DNS servers that you can use rather than the ones assigned.

There are many reasons why most individuals would choose to change the DNS servers that are assigned by their ISP. One is that if you suspect an issue with the one you are using currently.

Typing the IP address of a website into the browser is one way you can test for an issue with your DNS server. Another reason is that if you are looking for a better performing service.  Most people have always complained about sluggish ISP-maintained DNS servers that generally contributes to a slower browsing experience.

It is important to understand that not all DNS servers can help avoid traffic logging. Always read through the details about a DNS server before you make a final decision on one that best suits you.

Free DNS servers translate Domain names and IP addresses to allow you access websites with a readable name rather than an IP address that is difficult to remember. Here are some of the best 10 DNS servers you can use for 2018.

 1- Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS tops as one of the fastest best DNS servers that can be used a computer. Not only does it offer the best browsing experience but also guarantees enhanced security on your computer. Google Public DNS servers to provide you with a better alternative to your current DNS service.

It takes advantage of its caching infrastructure and global datacenter to serve a big number of user requests directly without querying other DNS solvers. It also supports IPv6 connectivity. The primary advantage of Google Public DNS is that it provides an improved security.

It has the ability to resist DoS attacks and DNS Cache Poisoning attacks. Google Public DNS has offered the best possible experiences to millions of internet users.

  • Preferred DNS server: 8.8.8
  • Alternate DNS server: 8.4.4

2- Norton Connect Safe

Norton is one of the most reliable Software product manufacturers who provide the best Internet security for computers and other devices. Norton’s Connect Safe is a Domain Name System with the ability to protect your computer from susceptible and ill-natured websites especially those having violent or annoying content. Norton Connect Safe operates on the DNS policies; Policy 1- Security, Policy 2 – Security and Policy 3 – Security + Other.

Policy 1 – Security

This policy prevents all sites phishing locales, malware, and scam.

  • Preferred DNS Server: 85.126.10
  • Alternate DNS Server: 85.127.10

Policy 2 – Security

It squares undesirable noxious site while piecing access to sites with mature content.

  • Preferred DNS Server: 85.126.20
  • Alternate DNS Server: 85.127.20

Policy 3 – Security + Other

It has the ability to piece access to websites that have mature content, savagery, wrongdoing, alcohol, suicide, and cults.

  • Preferred DNS Server: 85.126.30
  • Alternate DNS Server: 85.127.30

3- Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS provides users with better browsing experience compared to their current ISPs. Using this best DNS server, you can browse all the websites easily and safely. It does not require any software or hardware installation.

Once you make Comodo Secure DNS your preferred choice, the network settings of your computer will be changed so that it controls all the applications that have access to the internet. It is also a great choice for gamers since a faster DNS server leads to a faster gaming experience.

It is important to configure your network’s DNS settings with the provided DNS IP addresses to use Comodo secure DNS server.

  • Preferred DNS Server: 26.56.26
  • Alternate DNS server: 20.247.20


DNS.WATCH allows faster speeds and uncensored internet at free cost. It is a minimalistic third-party DNS service that bases its principles on neutrality. Their primary aim was to offers a privacy and better performance to users with no intrusion involved.

DNS.WATCH has received a nice impression from users worldwide because it can be implemented in a variety of devices such as routers, Windows, Linux, and Mac. DNS.WATCH will be an essential companion if you are living in a world with no neutrality and internet censoring when it comes to the internet.

It has a unique design with minimal concept making it popular among internet users. Use the following IP addresses to conform to the settings of DNS.WATCH server.

  • Preferred DNS Server: 200.69.80
  • Alternate DNS server: 200.70.40

5- Level 3 DNS

Level3 DNS is an immaculate DNS server that is highly reliable and offers a better performance. It is a network-based service provider that functions optimally with a top-notch hardware. You will be surprised by the levels of speed and internet experience when using Level3 DNS.

It is an excellent third party DNS service with a remarkable structure. Many ISPs and mobile data providers rely on the DNS servers of Level 3 DNS as it is a commonly used DNS service worldwide. It is important to arrange the DNS settings of your system using the provided DNS IP addresses to utilize Level3 DNS server.

  • Favored DNS Server:244.0.3
  • Alternate DNS Server: 244.0.4

6- OpenNIC DNS

OpenNIC DNS is also a best alternative DNS server for your current ISP as it offers high security and privacy.  It has the ability to hide all your details from the government. Using OpenNIC DNS server, it is possible to resist ISP DNS hijacking. It also enhances your web’s speed and security.

Another benefit of using this DNS server is that it gives you access to the blocked websites. The primary aim of OpenNIC was to provide DNS neutrality which means that you can browse effortlessly without any interference from third parties.  If you are looking to upgrade your browsing speed, look no further since OpenNIC DNS provides you an ultimate solution.

  • Preferred DNS Server:151.208.154
  • Alternate DNS server: 199.248.105

7- OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a cloud-based DNS server that provides unsurpassed protection from vindictive attacks that are sent by various attackers found on the internet. Not only is it fast but also guarantees a better performance since it rarely has a downtime. Also visit Speed check

Another advantage of the OpenDNS Server is that it offers a smooth gaming experience, the best feature for gamers. It is important to configure the network’s Domain name system settings using the IP address of this DNS server.

  • Preferred DNS Server:67.222.222
  • Alternate DNS server: 67.222.220

8- Neustar DNS Advantage

Neustar DNS Advantage provides you with the best routing information of the website you want to visit. It is a fast DNS server that allows you to open any website with minimal efforts. It also guarantees protection from malicious attacks and defamatory websites.

Neustar DNS advantage has a top-notch security and increases your browsing speeds to high levels. It is provided free of charge and enables users to experience faster, reliable and safer online experience.

They have more robust options for recursive DNS in situations where users’ requirements are complex. It is important to change your current DNS server settings to conform to the DNS addresses provided by Neustar DNS Advantage.

  • Preferred DNS Server: 154.70.1
  • Alternate DNS server: 154.71.1

9- SafeDNS

SafeDNS has stood a test of time by providing content filtering to avoid landing on unwanted websites or pages. It helps you avoid sites that have adult content, malware or other things that are unnecessary for an average internet user.

SafeDNS is a cloud-based service that provides you with a better browsing experience. An additional benefit is that it offers a reliable network that allows you to share and access essential data.

With SafeDNS, you cannot wander off to unchartered territory on the internet as it has powerful content filtering ability. Change your current System settings with the DNS IP addresses provided by Safe DNS to have a better internet performance.

  • Preferred DNS Server: 46.39.39
  • Alternate DNS server: 46.39.40

 10- Dyn

Dyn is a public DNS service that enhances the speed of your internet connection. It comes free of charge and its ultimate purpose is to offer an amazing web experience to its users. Dyn best DNS servers guarantee that all your information will be safe and entitled to high levels of privacy.

Their software is able to detect whether you are using the DynDNS.com Internet Guide. An image will display a red X on your screen if you have not configured the DNS server properly on your computer. If yes, then it will display a green checkmark and you can enjoy a better experience using the Dyn server.

  • Preferred DNS Server: 146.35.35
  • Alternate DNS server:146.36.36


It is possible to make broad suggestions based on what you are looking for in a DNS service. Some of the benchmarks include speed and reliability, filtering and blocking, and logging and monitoring. All DNS servers listed above have unique advantages that guarantee your privacy and security while offering high browsing speeds. Making the right choice of best DNS server will give you a better internet experience with no intrusion involved.

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