10 Best Data Recovery Software For 2018

Losing your important files from your hard disk or any storage device is very annoying and obtaining these files back could be a difficulty. Regardless of the awesome technological improvements recently, there are a number of issues that are still frequent with computer systems. Power failings, power inconstancies, jerks, spills etc. could render your computer being ineffective.

Your disk drives could begin to act up after such activities and the following thing could be that your valuable information disappears somewhere. Whether or not you choose a hard disk fixing you will basically result in losing the files if there is something wrong with the media. With that, making use of a data recovery software is the best alternative.

Why Do You Need To Use Data Recovery Software?

Data recovery tools could save you from lots of troubles whenever you are on the edge of losing delicate details or files important to operate other vital applications on your pc by tracking all the missing files from hard disk and returning it to you with no inquiries. A lot of this software is created with the household user in mind meaning that they are created to be easy and simple to use. Nevertheless, other basic reasons why you need this software includes:

  • To look into your privacy controls methods: Lots of people go to great efforts to make sure that their personal data is gotten rid of. With a data recovery program, you can re-check for your supposedly deleted and permanently completely destroyed files. If you can locate them, you have to improve your data security.
  • Comfort: Your computer might malfunction at any time and it is not usually feasible to seek support from information recovery professionals. However, if you have a great data recovery software set up on your computer, then it is convenient for you to retrieve missing data.

data recovery tools

  • For backup purposes: For instance, lots of individuals delete their image files right after printing them. This image might get missing and when it does, a data recovery program would let you get the original picture files, so you could reprint your pictures.
  • Quality time: A number of software tools have had the capacity to restore lost files in just a number of seconds. This really helps in enabling the whole process of data recovery easy and quick even for new users.
  • To monitor your kids: If your house regulations prohibit the browsing of pornographies and you want to be sure if your kids are following these rules. A data restore program could let you discover the folders that your kids erased to cover their tracks.

10 Best Data Recovery Software for 2018

1- Pandora Recovery

pandora recovery

Pandora is a free data recovery software, that includes a wizard that makes the application very user-friendly. After installation, Pandora can retrieve files from hard disks, sd cards, and generally any tool that could be connected to a Windows pc.


  • Rapidly locates and retrieves erased data
  • Gets back NTFS features and other data Streams.


  • Zero support for USB drives or camera sd cards.
  • Restores data only from NTFS-formatted drives.

In general, Pandora provides a useful alternative for the user, as it is entirely free and simple to use. Its light technique enables it suitable for regular file recovery operations.

2- Disk Drill

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is among the best data recovery software for Windows and iOS. It has a Free trial of 500MB recovery data while its pro version costs $89.00. Its Supported Platforms are iOS 10.8.5+ Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 10 and Windows 8.


  • Simple pause/resume procedure
  • Extremely speedy scanning


  • Different recovery outcomes depending upon data
  • Minimal contact selections

3- Recuva


This tool is likewise one of the best data recovery software as it has the capability to recover documents from hard disks, DVD or CDs, sd cards, and external disks. There are lots of free data recovery software around yet only a few of them come close to Recuva once it concerns hard disk and picture recovery activities. Its supported platforms include Windows 8, 7, 10, 8.1, XP, Vista, and older types of Windows.


  • Can be found in both installable and compact versions
  • Consists of a basic wizard and advanced alternatives which are ideal for everybody.


  • Install page on Piriform’s website is a little complex
  • An installer may attempt to incorporate other software to your pc

4- Photorec


PhotoRec is one of the generally utilized data recovery tool used around the world. The strong recovery data operates over a lot of tools. Likewise, other recovery software, it additionally works on different external and internal hard drives and instruments.


  • It views its complete outcomes in safe mode without disturbing the information systems and scans for all documents that are absent.
  • PhotoRec puts its attention on all document formats amid this search; this isn’t only particular to picture recovery.


  • Complex for individuals without any information of utilizing recovery software because of the inaccessibility of the help file.

5- Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery software that proposes devoted modes for file recovery from different sources and disks and also the type of data. Stellar Phoenix has an exceptionally special and supportive feature of enabling a drive clone to assist in recovering data and reduce further information loss. It likewise gives a point by point breakdown of the status of different information sectors of the drives. The pro version of Stellar Phoenix is around $99.


  • A direct and simple user interface
  • quick license registration procedure
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No means of scanning for particular documents or folder types
  • The user interface is entirely elementary

6- Ontrack EasyRecovery

Ontrack Easyrecovery

This gives a simple recovery involvement with some pleasant wizard characteristics. One of them is that it is easy to go through recovered documents with thumbnail-preview mode and file-type sorting. EasyRecovery does not come with a recovery disk or cloning characteristics however it has its own benefits and falls short in some big ways which are:


  • Scans disk to analyze disk and find out terrible blocks.
  • Support exFAT, FAT, HFS+, NTFS, ISO9660, EXT2/3 data systems.
  • Accessible for both iOS and Windows pc.


  • No improved data filter features to view before scanning.
  • The retrieved information cannot be viewed before being recovered.
  • Not all erased information can be achieved and retrieved.

7- Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete is an awesome free data recovery plan. It is quite simple to utilize and its greatest qualities include the Windows Explorer-design view of retrievable files, easy “Folders” view, and an important “State” reminder for each record, recommending how likely an effective data recovery would be. Glary Undelete is excellent and can retrieve data from hard disks and any storage space you may have such as USB devices, sd cards etc.


  • The improved filter enables searching by size, date and also wild cards
  • data condition recorded in plain English with each erased file
  • Supports almost all the Windows OS


  • No compact version accessible
  • Attempts to install another software during installation

8- Power Data Recovery

Power Data Recovery

It consists of five components of data recovery that operate collectively in recovering lost data from sd card, DVDs, Flash drive, memory sticks and lots more. It has the capability to efficiently recover any kind of eliminated data from any source including those from erased and spoiled hard drives, CDs and so on.


  • Supports numerous kinds of Windows OS.
  • Resumes retrieval procedure when disrupted by either electric surge or other things.
  • Simple setup and usage


  • A number of models do not allow unbootable hard drives recovery.

9- Handy Recovery

Handy Recovery

It can recover data destroyed or damaged by pc virus. It can recover pictures also. Hand Recovery is likewise another vital file recovery alternative that has numerous advantages. Whether the information loss is triggered by pc virus, power surge or interruptions and also any kind of technical malfunction, you can depend on this data recovery tool.


  • View erased files while recovering.
  • Restore in a step by step process.


  • Can restore data on recycle bin
  • Visual layout is not quite pleasing.

10- Data Rescue Pc 3

Data Rescue Pc 3

This is a new data recovery tool that functions both as an app and an emergency boot Compact Disc that doesn’t need restoration. Data Rescue PC is rated among the best data recovery tools as a result of its salient significance features. It could be used as an app for the functions of data recovery from external disk or every other kind of external drive. Its OS are Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 98, DOS etc.


  • Recover data from various formats
  • Network recovery is supported


  • Enables a limited number of searches

There are basically a lot of factors that can disturb your PC’s files. It is most likely that your pc contains a lot of files and it is as well possible that you don’t wish to lose any of that information. The only way to be totally secured is by utilizing the best data recovery software possibly before an issue occurs, right after a problem arises, or both. As soon as you have gotten the recovery software tool that performs best for you, at that point you can relax and not need to bother about the problem.

However, if you are a frequent pc user, it is essential to have a backup strategy and a very good software for regaining data just in case you lose your files unknowingly or as a result of a virus. You can utilize any of the tools listed above.

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