5 Effective Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill!

In order to find a value internet deal, you need to assess your usage. We all feel great saving money on costly luxuries like getting ourselves a great of high-speed internet or getting Nike shoes on sale. You may are happy with your internet service provider but your internet bill goes heavy on your pocket. If you have several options near you, like I have several of the cable internet providers near me, there are chances of scoring a better deal by switching providers. Here are six things you can do to lower your internet bill:

1. Get your own router/modem

Do you like the internet service provider you have? If yes, then getting yourself your own router/modem is cost-effective rather than renting it from your ISP. Most of the internet service providers are charging an extra $10 to $15 for equipment rental. If you stick to a company for about two years, the total rent you’d pay for the equipment would be somewhere between $240 and $350. In about $200 one can get a top-notch router of his own. So getting your own router can help you greatly in reducing the cost of your internet bill.

2. Get yourself a bundle deal

Bundle deals are cost-effective than of standalone packages. If you already got yourself cable, you can save yourself a great deal of money by bundling up your cable with the internet. But you need to beware of the up-selling. Most of the representatives of ISP will talk you into getting extra speed or channels for extra 5-10 bucks per month. This small monthly increase in your bill can prove to be a failure for your goal i.e. to save money on your bills. You can save a huge amount on your bill by looking for deals and steals https://luckydealnews.com that will be very light on your pocket.

3. Get yourselves the speed that is necessary for you

All the internet service providers are striving for internet speeds and trying to take it to a whole new level with new deals coming out every day which promise to deliver speeds up to 100 Mbps. Such packages are great for businesses, people working online or other such people. But for families or household getting such speeds are just a waste of money.

To assess how much of the speed would be sufficient for you to have. Examine your usage and try to get yourself a package with the speed limit which suits you best and cost you the lowest. Dropping your speed can reduce your monthly bill by $35 (certainly, it depends on your provider too). Check localcabledeals.com to find out the best packages which go light on your pocket and deliver great speeds which keeps your work rolling at all times.

4. Negotiation

Negotiation is the simplest but effective technique. One certainly doesn’t have to fast talk with a sales representative for the negotiation. Rather you should just tell them that you have a better deal at hand and can leave the company if not facilitated or being offered a better counter offer. Be polite in your negotiation but stand on your grounds firmly. You better research the promotional prices of your provider’s competitors and if need be, be prepared to cancel your subscription.

5. Government subsidies

You can also check for government subsidies for the broadband internet connection. If you fall into their criteria and have income below a certain threshold there are several programs like “EveryoneOn” which can get you a broadband subsidy. For this, one’s income has to be below 135% of the poverty guidelines or one must have been availing any of the government programs like that of social security income or Medicaid, etc. By availing these programs one has better chances of qualifying for a broadband subsidy.

I hope the article has introduced you with suitable and effective ways to lower the cost of your internet bill.

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