4 TV Advertising Trends to Guide Your 2022 Strategy 

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Ad industry and advertising trends are changing every few days. With the rise in digital marketing, TV advertising is no longer as significant as it was before in marketing strategies. Many marketers prefer digital mediums for advertisement which makes many wonder what the future holds for TV advertising.

It is predicted that the TV ad spend will be reduced by a large percentage in the next few years. As the market is entering the next phase, marketers can expect some key developments and change their marketing strategy accordingly. 

4 TV Advertising Trends to Guide Your 2022 Strategy 

In the light of new trends and techniques, marketers should change their strategy to reach consumers through TV ads. Similarly, it is still an effective medium that can drive a handsome number of conversions. 

Marketers should devise their marketing strategy by following some major trends. 

Taking Advantage of Multi-screen Viewership

Instead of wasting time on mobile vs TV debate, use both devices to your advantage. Despite what many marketers believe, mobile and handheld devices are not the enemy of TV.

As the majority of people use mobile phones while watching TV, therefore, they should be partnered to achieve the same marketing goals. Multi-screen viewership results in a ‘halo effect’ which boosts search, display, and short-form video performance.

Using advanced attribution analysis, marketers can gather valuable information regarding when and which channels users are watching. 

Addressable TV

People still like to watch entertainment content, however, the focus is shifted to streaming services and Over-The-Top (OTT) devices. Personalized or targeted ads are run on digital mediums, therefore, advanced or addressable TV helps Television to stay competitive with OTT platforms.

It follows a similar strategy with a personalized ad experience. This trend helps advertisers serve ads to specific households or audience segments. Expanding the number of addressable households will not only increase sales but give tough competition to OTT platforms.

Audiences can be segmented on the basis of viewing behavior, basic demographics, and buying behavior. As opposed to mass marketing, TV advertising will be more effective with personalized marketing.

Programmatic TV

This trend hopes to resolve a couple of major problems with Advanced TV advertising. First, the conventional process of TV advertising is extremely hands-on and time-consuming. It aims to resolve this problem by automating most decisions, for instance, the best time and place to air a certain ad.

Secondly, it provides useful user data immediately after airing an ad for timely optimizations. The provision of complete metrics allows advertisers to devise an effective marketing strategy.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

This is another effective TV advertising trend to engage audiences with dynamic ads. These ads appear on the corner or side of the screen while the show or event is on-air or being broadcasted.

Dynamic ads usually appear during sporting events and tournaments. Combined with addressable TV, it makes the audience more receptive to ads and results in more conversions.

In Summary

With the enormous growth of digital marketing, similar techniques and trends should be implemented in TV advertising to show relevant ads to targeted customers. 




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