4 Tricks To Effectively Split A PDF


First time splitting a PDF? Well, fret not because the process is actually quite easy. You just need the right avenues of where to do it properly. In this article, we’ve collated four nifty tricks to make splitting PDF a walk in the park.

1. For on-the-go splitting, use an online browser-based application like PDF Bear

When you’re out of the office or away from your desktop and need to have a PDF document split, browser-based applications are godsent. They work well with most mobile browsers today, so it won’t matter if you’re rocking an Android or an iOS user. One of the most intuitive and straightforward apps for splitting PDF online is PDF Bear’s Split PDF function.

How to split a PDF file document with the online app? It’s simple – you just need to upload the document through the site’s interface – much like when you want to convert music to another extension that’s more standard for your operating system – wait for the upload to finish, then use the features of the application in the browser.

You’ll find that splitting is as easy as picking the pages you want to separate and collating them as another separate file. The technology behind this is actually quite simple – cutting, extracting, and splitting a standard PDF file is all done in the cloud, which means you’re working online but can download the file for offline sharing.

2. When uploading files online, make sure that the server you are uploading to is secure

Speaking of uploading resources online, with browser-based web applications of any type, you’ll need to make sure that the site has a security policy in which they wouldn’t read or sell the files and documents you upload to their servers. If you are working with a confidential file, for example, having the privacy to work with the document without other people seeing it or getting wind of it is imperative.

Most web-based PDF splitting software has a security system in place which assures users of secure and private downloads. It’s usually featured in the interface of the site itself, so before you upload anything anywhere, browse the site for information first. If you can, choose to use web-based software that deletes files after a few hours of uploading time.

3. When splitting pages, highlight the thumbnails that you want to separate

One of the easiest ways to split pages from a PDF file easily is to highlight the thumbnails of the pages you want to separate, drag them to another place in your desktop, and place them there. Once done, collate the separated pages and turn it into another file. If you are editing online, picking the pages should do the trick.

With documents having pages of 50 and up, the highlighting trick will save time. But that doesn’t mean the work is done after. You’ll still need to check if there are elements that need to be flattened to make sure the PDF is good to disseminate. Especially if the file is an image- and vector-heavy one.

4. From the original file, you’ll need to save the split PDF into another separate document

This can not be stressed enough. One of the many amateur mistakes that people fall into when splitting PDF is that they think that the file will be saved automatically. It won’t. You’ll need to save the file separately discreetly. A split PDF always will create another file so as not to disrupt the original file’s flow.


Splitting PDF is not the most glamorous of office tasks, but it can be easy and effortless if you take the time to learn the ins and outs of the process. It’s a great addition to the pre-existing skills you have. And the truth of the matter is, if you are working with documents and files all day, you’ll have better chances of surviving the job if you have the right know-how of things.