3 Underrated Ways To Repair PDF Files Effortlessly


Are you tasked to repair a corrupted PDF? Well, fret not because there are many ways you can do just that. Gone are the days when the only way to repair a shared PDF file is to get a top of the line, third-party PDF software with a recurring monthly cost. In this article, we’ve listed down three of the best ways to go about this dilemma.

While it is true and convenient that asking the original sender of the files just to resend it is pretty much the more straightforward choice, it actually is a false option because the possibility that the files will not be corrupted again is high. Thus, repairing it is key. Here are some of the ways you can do that effectively:

Use an online browser-based web application

PDF editing has seen improvements by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and one of the reasons for it is the increasing number of browser-based web applications. Using a web application is fast, convenient, and specific. PDF Bear’s Repair PDF application, for example, has an excellent interface that any user can use. When you want to repair PDF file on the go or wherever you are in the world, going the online route is honestly the better option.

The process is simple, as well. Once you are on the application itself, you just upload the PDF file in question, let the browser-based application do its thing, and in less than a minute, you should have a brand new file that’s unbroken and uncorrupted. Repairing PDF files doesn’t usually excavate elements lost in the sharing and downloading process, so don’t expect that the repairing process will complete an incomplete document.

Restore previous file versions

This is the most obvious fix that you can do without the help of any software, may it be online or offline, but a word of warning though, it’s not the most effective among the bunch. Restoring previous file versions, especially on PDFs, is like expecting something out of nothing. But sometimes it works. The process is quite simple as well, as it is the most elementary out of the alternatives.

Once you get the file, click on it and see if there’s an option to restore it to a previous version. If there’s none, open the file itself. If it can’t be opened, then that’s bad news for you – the browser-based application is the next best thing to try, but when it does, go to the “File” menu, look for “Restore” option and find “Restore to Previous Versions.” The OS will try to get the last version of the file before it was corrupted.

Try other PDF utilities

There are many reasons why, but one of the most common is a problem with downloading the file. When porting over PDF files, short and lightweight ones usually won’t see any problem at all, but when you are downloading a heavy file, changes and disruptions in the connection will automatically always break the downloading process. Thus, a broken file.

Other reasons include hard drive or storage failure, issues from the process of transferring the files, and in extreme cases, power issues. If you have a pre-installed PDF editor in your work computer, try to open the PDF file with it, then search for the “Repair” option. It should be under the “File” menu.


When you are repairing PDF files, it’s important to note that the uploaded broken files, in case you are using web applications, are usually deleted a few hours after uploading. This is key for most people because of privacy and security issues. If you are working with a confidential file, for example, maintaining confidentiality is of utmost importance. With these tricks listed above, never have a problem with repairing PDFs once again!