3 Direct Mail Marketing Hacks to Outdo Your Rivals

Direct Mail Marketing

“A Business Without a Mailing List Is Not a Business.” These honored words of renewed US strategic advisor, consultant, and business coach, Dan Kennedy signifies the importance of mail marketing to hold the edge even in today’s neck-throat competitive world.

This 21st-century world is one digitized society where email marketing has become an absolute staple for businesses seeking new ways to generate leads and sales, and eventually in pursuit to boost the company’s revenue every quarter.

But, Now the Million-Dollar Question, Is the Direct Mail-Marketing Ineffective?

In one word, “No,” as it still has a lot to offer to small, medium-sized to big enterprises. A handful of the benefits of investing in direct mail campaign are as follows:

  • Highly Targeted
  • Highly Measurable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Highly Flexible
  • Individualized

How To Turn The Tides In Your Favor With Direct Mail Marketing?

Remember those days when getting a letter in the mailbox was exciting? So, now you have to recreate the same feeling with a direct mail marketing strategy rather than sending your customers random mails that are often trashed.

Here, in this post, we’ll be discussing the three secrets that can help you formulate a killer direct mail marketing campaign that converts like crazy.

So, scroll down and check them out:

1.     Don’t Sell a Product, Sell a Solution

You probably have bumped onto the above headline many times when searching for tips related to direct marketing, but still, many often undermine its importance.

It is an old yet proven trick that has the knack of grabbing the attention of prospective customers instantly. So, hard and smart work is required to tune with your target market’s needs & expectations.

It’s easier to give away 50% off or one-plus-one, but research has to be done to ascertain that your potential customers are into money-saving or want a high-end quality solution.

For instance, you are a limousine rental company, then your deals and discounts won’t have such a widespread impact compared to the luxury amenities your company has to offer.

You can always seek the expertise one amongst the best direct mail marketing companies to obtain faster and better results.

In a nutshell, your product or solution needs to solve a problem for your customers and ultimately, the conversation rate will be much higher.

2.     Use the Testimonials

Nowadays, when advertising is all around, we have become deaf and dumb to even genuine solutions. In fact, we’ve come a long way in training our minds on how to stay clear of sales-type messages.

This is where the testimonials come into play. The customers’ testimonials make the mail template more valuable and believable for those who have come across your brand for the first time.

Probably, nobody will believe your products or services just because you are saying, but client reviews are what will help your business standalone in the crowd to win over the trust of the potential customers instantly.

“I’ve Missed More Than 9000 Shots in My Career. I’ve Lost Almost 300 Games. 26 Times, I’ve Been Trusted to Take the Game Winning Shot and Missed. I’ve Failed over and over and over Again in My Life. and That Is Why I Succeed.“

The above words are of basket legend, Michael Jordan employed as a powerful weapon in a 90s Nike commercial to connect with their prospective buyers.  Those who are sports enthusiasts can relate and connect with the sporting icon and will make the purchase.

So, using the testimonials in the direct-mail marketing campaign is a cost-effective means to build trust, especially if you are able to get the rating of an industry expert or celebrity endorsements.

3. Appeal To Emotions

Most direct marketers make the common mistake of trusting numbers over emotions.

Whether a sales guy is selling a product/service or direct mail marketing, people generally pay no attention to numbers and logical reasoning; they want an emotional connection to make up their mind.

As buying decisions are made emotionally, try to incorporate as much emotional aspect possible to strike instant connection and compel them to make the purchase.

How to  Run a Successful Direct Mail Advertising Campaign?

  • Know Your Target Market
  • Prepare a Direct Mail List
  • Write Effective Copy
  • Settle on a Template
  • Maintain an Inventory
  • Adjust Based on Results

Final Thought

Setting up and running a direct mail marketing campaign isn’t as straightforward as most  perceive. It is advised to hire a programmatic direct mail company with practical industry experience to fuel your business growth.