25 Search Engine Statistics, Facts, and Trends in 2019

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In the world of technological developments and advancements, the role of internet is continuing to increase in all spheres of life and this brings great challenges to overcome. However, new coming trends and platforms do not decrease the importance and role of search engines.

Search engines are crucial for brand awareness, reputation, sales and conversions. More than 93% of people start their online surfing on the internet from a search engine. This percentage shows the potentials of search engines for your business. Hence, search engines have a crucial role in your marketing strategies.

As users give much importance to search engine results and give much trust to how search engines “treat” a certain website, it is very important to be aware of all the important facts, trends and statistics.

Besides, how can you reach your audience if you fail in search engine optimization?

Today, Google and other search engines try to show the most relevant results with a person query. For this, each of the search engines have created strategies, through which they manage to evaluate websites based on different factors. Search engines are not limited within Google, of course, however its users reach up to 92.95%.Therefore, that is the reason you need to be very attentive to its algorithm updates and manual checks.

Its aims are, but not limited to:

  • Finding duplicate, plagiarized, poor content, keyword overuse
  • Finding spammy, irrelevant links from suspicious websites
  • Finding poor on-page and off-page SEO errors
  • Finding out websites that are not optimized for user experience

There are many things to learn about search engines. The reason is, that there are many crucial factors which can play an important role for your brand success and website ranking.. It will be a good idea, if you pay attention to some facts, statistics and trends and implement them in your marketing strategies.

25 of The Most Important facts, Trends and Statistics that you need for your Business

This is the average number of queries that Google receives each second. It shows the number of potential buyers that want to find something. Among it, you will surely find many people who will be interested in your product if you manage to target them.

  • The number of Total Searches has a Huge Growth each year

According to statistics, the number of total searches grows every year. It means that more and more people “go digital” every year.

Among the whole search engine marketplace, only Google receives more than 16-20 percent new searches.

Search engines have a great influence on the process of having successful shopping. It shows the most relevant results to queries, which makes the process easy and effortless.

  • Mobile Phone Users Have Reached over 97%

Totally, about 1.6 billion people make shopping on their mobile gadgets. If you do not manage to optimize your website for mobile phones will have poor ranking, as search engines give much importance to it. Your website should be responsive to all types of gadgets.

  • Poor Speed and Navigation can Drop your Search Engine Ranking

Search engines give much importance to the experience of people who visit your website. Loading speed and complicated navigation can cause a negative UX and it will make your visitors to leave your website. Therefore, if you do not want your small mistakes kill your business, it is important to give much importance to its optimization process.

  • More than 51% of traffic Comes from Organic Search

From the total traffic that comes to your website with a search, about 51 percent of them comes from organic search. It means that you need to give much importance to attracting your organic traffic, as they are your potential buyers. This is more than paid advertisement and social marketing together.

A study done by BrightEdge claims, that you can get more than 40 of your total revenue from organic traffic.  This is the largest area that can bring you high sales.

  • Annually More than 2 trillion Searches are Done by Google

The largest search platform in the world dominates the world. It does not mean that you need to ignore other search engines. Since, even a small loss, can have a great influence on your revenue.

  • Over 50% of Searchers Use Voice Search

According to predictions of 2018, the demand of voice search in 2019 would have a 9.5% growth in comparison to 2018; as well, 50 % of all searches will be voice in 2020. This high percentage is connected to the massive use of mobile gadgets.

  • Using SEO and PPC ads Simultaneously Bring over 27% More Sales

Each of marketing tactics has its advantages and disadvantages. For making them more effective, sometimes it will be better if you make a “good mix” of them.

There is not much difference between these two powerful marketing tactics. The most vital difference is that SEO traffic is free, while PPC traffic is not.

  • Google dominates Mobile Search for over 53%

Not only the whole search market, but also mobile search market! Google is a winner tool everywhere. It not only dominates mobile search share, but also takes over 97% of mobile paid search.

Unpaid, algorithm-driven results are more likely to bring sales and revenue. Online marketplace gives much priority to organic traffic for several reasons:

  • It increases sales;
  • It is cost-effective;
  • It helps to drive target audience;
  • It delivers long-term results.
  • Link Building is Essential for Search Engine Ranking

Links show value to search engines. They not only bring you more traffic, but also show that your website is worth sharing. It is a huge sign for ranking.

  • Google.com receives 27% of Its Visitors from the States

From the total data received by Google, it becomes clear that the 3 three countries that use Google the most are:

  • The USA 27%
  • India 8.7%
  • Japan 4.5%

87.28% searches in the US are done through Google. The second place in the US is Yahoo for about 4.65%.

  • DuckDuckGo Have Received over 11 Billion Private Search Queries  in 2019

This huge number is toughly connected to the privacy that DuckDuckGo provides for its users. While it does not share personal info, it saves search terms.

  • Each Person Makes about 3-4 Search daily On Average

Any of these searchers might be your customer. Proper targeting of your audience will make the process of meeting their demands in no time.

  • 76% of Search Results Differ on Mobile and Desktop by the Same Keywords

13% of websites show the same results from different gadgets. This is because the screen space has an influence on UX and website visibility. Among a number of online tools and services you can check and find solutions to it.

One of the reasons that search results differ is geographic location. Search engines try to show the most relevant results, hence you need to find out the most vital reasons that can cause this variation.

  • Only in the UK the Number of Desktop Users Have Dropped over 3%

Having mobile-optimized website or using mobile-first approach have become necessary for a website success. The number of desktop users will drop year by year, since mobile gadgets get higher opportunities.

Search engines trust reviews and find them as important signs about website overall performance. Besides, users trust information that your customers share.

Long tail keywords are becoming more popular. Not only for audio search results, but also in the case of ordinary search, people use more words to get the exact results.

  • Videos are more Likely to Bring Organic Search Results

Videos generate quick search engine results. People are more likely to watch a video: that is why marketers have started to put much emphasis on video content.
Video allows to see the products in action, which attracts the modern customers. The demand of it brings the extensive use of video in your content marketing efforts. Everyday people watch about 500 hours of videos only on Youtube. Hence, targeting through videos needs to be an integral part of your marketing efforts.

Every year Google brings more opportunities for search engines. Its strong customer-centric and result-centric approach brings new customers. Due to its algorithm updates and manual checks, Google manages to show the most relevant results to its users.

  • 63 Percent of People Will Click on Paid Search on Google rather than on Other Search Engine

Many searchers find that Google paid ads make the process easier to get information they are looking for. Among all types of search engines, Google dominates with the number of clicks it receives. The reason of it is that it manages to meet the search intent more easily.

  • 10 of The Countries in the World Search Something on Google through Mobile Gadgets more often than On Computer

People use mobile devices more often than computers. It has become vital especially in some countries, where mobile phones have won with their total use. Since mobile phones give people more connectivity, it is crucial for marketers to pay attention to mobile optimization. Besides, search engines give much importance to mobile-friendly websites and mobile-first approach. It is a very important ranking factor.

The results show, that the longer your website content it, the higher its ranking will be. The average length of content that bring high ranking is among 1500-2000 words. Besides, long content gives more detailed information and includes more relevant links.

The high search volume is a winning tool for businesses, to build a strong reputation and awareness. It shows that eCommerce market will soon leave behind brick and mortar stores.

  • Phones bring many Valuable Clicks to Businesses

According to a study of Nickolas Christakis (sociologist, physician), mobile phones give richer data, which helps to discover new social interactions which can bring higher value to your business.

One thing is clear, targeting traffic that comes from search engine optimization is going to remain one of the most powerful ways to enlarge your sales and conversions.

While some companies put the emphasis only on a single marketing platform, they lose most of their potential buyers. All of the marketing channels are fundamental for your sales and conversions. Each play its unique role for your business performance. One of such examples are:

Search engine helps to get traffic through a good SEO, and gain high ranking, which will bring you much audience.

Social media platforms help in connecting, building relationships and getting quality traffic and engage audience.

If you use all the advantages of both, you will manage to have a very strong marketing strategy and business growth.

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Search engines are crucial for brand awareness, reputation, sales and conversions. More than 93% of people start their online surfing on the internet from a search engine. This percentage shows the potentials of them for your business.  There are many crucial factors which can play an important role for your brand success and website ranking.. It will be a good idea, if you pay attention to some facts, statistics and trends and implement them in your marketing strategies.


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