20 Attractive & Creative Baby Boy Names

Picking out a name for your little bundle of joy has been always a tough job. We all want to name our kids with a unique name that will grab others’ attention at first.

Recent research revealed that 1/5 of parents regret naming a child with a common name. They want an attention-grabbing, attractive, and creative name. However, this journey is going to be a tough one.

Top 20 Pleasant and Stylish Baby Boy Names

There is a huge pile of attractive names for boys. Digging all of it is out of human capacity. So, we are doing this for you. We searched multiple resources and have come up with 20 attractive and creative names that are fit for your baby boy.

We are sure that you end up selecting one from the blog. But, if you need to view more about it, CocoFinder is the right place.

Alright, let’s get started.


Asher sounds very attractive and classy. This one is an ideal pick for those who want to have a biblical yet stylish name for their son. In Bible, Asher was the son of Jacob, the mentor of Tribe of Asher. Also, it is an occupational surname in English and Germanic culture.


A perfect pick for a handsome baby boy among attractive names for boys, Aiden is attractive and creative. The name means fire or born of fire. When we were haunting names for you, this one grabbed our attention instantly and we are sure it has the same effect on you.


Dylan is short and sweet. We loved how it sounds and what it means. Dylan means born of the great sea of the son of the sea as per Welsh culture. It has been used widely in Welsh mythology. So, if you want to have a vintage-style name that sounds attractive, Dylan is the one.


Ethan belongs to Hebrew origin and means enduring and strong. It sounds very attractive and modish.


Those who want to name their baby boy with A can consider Alden. It is rare, attractive, and creative. It is an Old English word and means old friend.


Again a Welsh name, Evan is short and cute. It means youth and God is gracious. Isn’t it creative?


Harvey means battle-worthy and is surely considered worthy because of its interesting sound.


Kai is short, sweet, and cute. It is of Hawaiin origin and means sea. In Europe, Kai means warrior and in Japanese, it stands for forgiveness. One name and so many meanings.


Again a biblical name, Levi means joined together and is considered cool because of its internet vowel ending.


Liam is of Irish origin and means ‘resolute protection, ‘strong-willed warrior’, or ‘guardian’. It has been a top place on the SSA list.


Nolan sounds soft and humble. It gives the listener’s ear a very calm feel. It is an Irish name and means ‘descendant of the famous one’.


This Hebrew name has been a favorite of many because of its impressive sound. It means given or he gave.


Quinn is surely an attention-grabber because of its meaning. It is derived from an Irish surname and means wisdom or intelligence.


For a modish and chic name for your baby boy, go for Shawn. It is an Irish name that means gift from God.


If you’re looking for a Spanish name then go for Valentino. It sounds classy and means strength and health.


Zion is urbane and modern. This name has a very modish impact on others. It is of Hebrew origin and means utopia. So, it will fit your overzealous son.


Adan is a vintage-inspired name that is the Spanish equivalent to Adam.


Zenith is a highly inspirational name of English origin. It means the highest point.


Ryan is a super attractive name for baby boys. It means little king.


A rare biblical name, Elon means oak tree and is very ear-pleasing. Elon Musk is making this name more famous than ever.

Points to Remember

We know you’re excited to pick an out-of-league name for your son. But, hold your excitement and pay attention to what we are going to tell you next. The name you’ll pick for your son is going to stay with him for life. So, you’ve to be extra vigil and attentive while picking a name for your son.

Don’t get carried away with the excitement and pick a name that sounds weird like Axl and Psalm. Always choose a name that doesn’t have complex spelling and pronunciation. Because of this, he might be able to get bullied by his peers. So, just keep all your senses open while picking a name for your baby boy.

Now, the next thing that one must keep in mind while picking a name for your baby boy is the family tradition. If your family tradition is to add a middle name then makes sure that all the name parts should be in sync. But, not like North West, the son of Kanye West.

Always search for the meaning of the name. Naming your child without actually knowing the meaning is the worst mistake that any parent can make. Not only you’ll end up giving your child a name with a weird meaning; you will be embarrassed when someone asks the meaning and you have nothing to say.

Try to spell out the full name before anyone else does this. This will let you understand how the full name of your son sounds.

Ending notes

If there is anything that excites a parent after the birth of the baby boy is naming him. We understand the excitement and tediousness involved in the task. This is why we suggested the top 20 attractive and creative names for baby boys.

For more, referring to CocoFinder is the best thing as this platform has a huge database of trending baby names. Girl or boy, latest or vintage, cute or meaningful; whatever you’re looking for, it is there to help you out.

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