10 best and inspiring Progressive Web Apps

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To put it simply, progressive applications (PWA) are mobile websites that resemble native mobile applications that have been developed for Android and iOS. Unlike typical native apps, you don’t need to download and install progressive apps. You only need a browser to support them. Let’s check what the best and inspiring progressive Web Apps are currently.

  1. AliExpress PWA

It is an internationally renowned e-commerce portal where you can buy almost anything. At the same time, it is the most inspiring example of a progressive web application. After switching to PWA, AliExpress increased target conversion for new users by 104%.

  1. Spotify PWA

It’s the music and podcast playback app. They decided to switch to PWA when disputes arose between Spotify and Apple over a commission for downloading the app from the Apple store. It was a good move. Compared to its counterpart in the native application, the PWA version is much faster and has a unique and adaptive interface.

  1. Pinterest PWA

The former Pinterest mobile site included a lot of JavaScript resources. After switching to PWA, Pinterest is now a fast and resource-saving application. Due to the change, user involvement increased by 60%!

  1. Uber PWA

Thanks to the switch to PWA, the vehicle-sharing app has expanded its reach to new markets. The goal of Uber was to enable car reservations on low-speed 2G networks. A super-light application with a size of just 50 KB is currently loaded in 3 seconds on 2G networks.

  1. Starbucks PWA

Based on PWA, Starbucks has built an online ordering system that provides a similar experience to their existing native app but is as much as 99.84% smaller than the Starbucks app for iOS. As a result, twice as many internet users place orders every day, and mobile users do not order less than customers using a PC.

  1. Forbes PWA

Growing readership made this American business magazine decide to create its own PWA in 2017. Among other things, thanks to super-fast page loading and a lightweight design, Forbes has managed to increase user engagement and conversions.

  1. Google Maps Go PWA

Google Maps Go is a much lighter and progressive version of the popular Google Maps application. PWA is also completely independent of its native, original version. Thanks to it, users with limited device memory can quickly receive directions.

  1. Twitter Lite PWA

Twitter’s progressive web application, Twitter Lite, was launched in 2017. Since then, Twitter has added new and exciting features to its PWA, with up to 10 million push notifications sent from the app in one day.

  1. Trivago PWA

Trivago has its own booking app for Android and iOS, but the company has also decided to introduce a progressive version. This allows users in 55 countries to book a hotel.

  1. Tinder Online PWA

A responsive and progressive version of this world’s most widespread human meeting app is available to 100% of people on computers and mobile devices alike. The performance optimization carried out increased user engagement in the chat and guarantees receiving push notifications.

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